The List and Description of Problem Solution Essay Topics

The List and Description of Problem Solution Essay Topics
Table of Contents
  1. The List and Description of Problem Solution Essay Topics
  2. How to Use Problem-Solution Topics in Your Essay Essay
  3. Social
  4. 1. Problem: Immigration Politics and Policy
  5. 2. Problem: Gun Control
  6. 3. Problem: Police Brutality
  7. Economics
  8. 4. Problem: Debts of Students
  9. 5. Problem: Child Labor
  10. Politics
  11. 12. Problem: Financial Side of Politics
  12. 13. Problem: Social Control
  13. Final Thoughts

The very first thing you should think about when you start writing an essay - scholarship essay or informative essay or etc, is the topic. This is one of the most important moments in entire content producing process. Yes, even before the actual writing, you already is dealing with one of the most challenging things. Your problem solution essay topics are no difference.

In this article our best essay writers online have gathered some of the most interesting problem-solution essay topics for you to check. There are also some descriptions so you could get the fullest picture of what a great topic should be. In general it is just a typical essay.

Here you will find ideas to use in your writing problem-solution essay. This article will be your perfect way out in the hour of need. Your task requires a high-developed writing and logical thinking skill and having a proper problem and solution topic to work with is the first step to succeed.

How to Use Problem-Solution Topics in Your Essay Essay

Coming with a proper problem and solution essay topic is like getting the most positive decision and way out from a situation you have stuck in. You may have lots of interesting ideas but it is important to systematize those ideas to have the best solution possible.  It is always a great way to start with a list of all your ideas. Note everything good and bad and then get the most interesting solution you can.

It is very important to have a problem-solution topic that is important and interesting for you. Your passion about your topic is the fuel to feed your engine for essay creative writing. It is clear that no one is ready to bring all their efforts to the table to research the problem-solution that is uninteresting for themselves.


The most popular and useful thing to write about and research is laying on the social field. There are lots of directions you can follow to get something really valuable and useful. The decision you will find can be helpful for other people or even save someone's life. Of course, this is not your main task of problem-solution essay, but getting a useful decision for a real problem is something you should aim for. What is the easiest way to regulate immigration politics and policy?

It is very easy to get a whole bunch of such topics if you just look around. Some of them are actual even for your college and even more of those problem-solution topics are related to your hometown. Just extract the most valuable ones and pick the best one to work with. Browse topics for argumentative essay if you need more ideas.

1. Problem: Immigration Politics and Policy

  • Solution #1: Is deportation the best way to deal with undocumented immigrants?
  • Solution #2: Should rich countries support poor areas to decrease immigration?

2. Problem: Gun Control

  • Solution #1: Is it important to set control over mental health issues to prevent mass shootings?
  • Solution #2: Should mass media control gun and violence imagery?
  • Solution #3: Is stricter gun control law enough to stop mass shootings?

3. Problem: Police Brutality

  • Solution #1: Should local communities influence government to control police?
  • Solution #2: Should people vote for their local head of police department?
  • Solution #3: Is it possible that cultural lessons for policemen will help to teach them properly and decrease level of violence they have.
  • Solution #4: Do all police officers should have weapon?


Another interesting thing to talk about is economics. Everyone of us is related to this major factor of civilization. For sure, you have some examples of various problems. Your task is to find the most important ones and then to come up with some problem-solution. At least theoretical. You can easily use even your smartphone to research the topic. If you want to take a unique subject, look and take some ideas from pop culture topics.

4. Problem: Debts of Students

  • Solution #1: Is it possible for the government to cover all educational debts for the most successful students?
  • Solution #2: Is it possible for Universities and colleges to cover educational debts of students?
  • Solution #3: Should less successful students cover educational debts of more successful students?

5. Problem: Child Labor

  • Solution #1: Why should successful countries control child labor in poor countries? Is it possible to explain that to governments?
  • Solution #2: Should the government use sanctions against countries with high level of child labor?
  • Solution #3: Should society boycott those successful companies that are using services of poor counties where child labor is allowed?


The third and probably the hottest field to dig in is politics. Some would say that those problems are the most confusing of all. And it is true in some way as politics influence each aspect of our life and those we have already mentioned. It is where our problem solution essay topics will come in handy. Here are few interesting and wide problems you can start with.

12. Problem: Financial Side of Politics

  • Solution #1: Is it possible to decrease financial influence on politics? What can make it clearer and more fair for everybody in society?
  • Solution #2: What is the limit for government to spend on election campaign?
  • Solution #3: Who should be responsible for regulation of donations for election campaigns?
  • Solution #4: Is it possible to change constitution to regulate financial donations?

13. Problem: Social Control

  • Solution #1: Should government control our society to prevent violence and criminals world?
  • Solution #2: IS it possible to capture every negative event on spying cameras? How reasonable it is to set cameras all over the planet?
  • Solution #3: Are you ready to be under control 24/7 even in your home? Is it the way that can save you in any dangerous situation?

Final Thoughts

We hope you are now full of ideas and going to start writing your problem-solution essay as soon as possible. In case you still need help with your task, our professional team of writers is always ready to provide you with the highest level writing services.