Pop Culture Topic: Pick The Best One for Your Essay: 2022 Updated

Pop Culture Topic: Pick The Best One for Your Essay: 2022 Updated
Table of Contents
  1. Pop Culture Topic: Pick The Best One for Your Essay: 2022 Updated
  2. How to Write an Essay on a Pop Culture Topic
  3. Pop Culture Essay Topics
  4. Beauty and Style Essay
  5. Entertainment Essay
  6. Social Problems Essay
  7. Bottom Line

Pop culture is a wide field of different points you can cover with your paper. A pop culture topic may take you into lots of different directions. Besides, different cultural fields may be tightly connected with each other. You need to be prepared for a long and intense research as not everything is lying on the surface, even if you are writing a simple 500 words essay.

With modern style of living we all are parts of popular cultural phenomenon no matter if we want it or not. It influences us everyday in lots of various ways. Through your beloved smartphone, TV or even simple communication between people. It is not bad and not good. Everything depends on your own feeling.

It is constant entertainment that touches other sides of our society. History and art are tightened together with millions of different wires. Some of them are clear while others are deeply rooted. In this article we will talk about some of the most interesting and actual popular culture topics. Our personal essay writers have done a great research for you to learn as much as possible and have a reliable guide to use.

How to Write an Essay on a Pop Culture Topic

There are no limitations regarding the structure. Everything depends on the different types of essays you are dealing with. If it is a simple informative essay you just need to create an essay telling about some particular aspect of cultural popularity. It is all about people. How they communicate with each other, what entertains them, and even what food do the prefer.

Consider a typical 5 paragraph essay structure you may find in other popular academic tasks:

  1. Introduction - one paragraph to present your thesis. Tell in few sentences about your topic and its purpose. Get a hook to engage your reader to continue reading.
  2. Body - three paragraphs with detailed explanation and description of your problem. Every paragraph should contain at least one evidence.
  3. Conclusion - here you need to restate your thesis and try to overview the entire topic in few sentences. Do not present any new evidence but also do not try to make it as a simple summary.

Some may say that pop culture is all just about consuming. But there some points why we would disagree. It is more about communication, globalization, and lifestyle. It is also about fashion, relationships, and fun.

Pop Culture Essay Topics

Here are few popular culture essay topics generally speaking about different aspects of pop as we know it today.

Beauty and Style Essay

  1. You may talk about botox and those beauty injections so popular these days. This thing became a mass tendency in late 2000s and still are popular. At least we have better technologies these days. You can talk about mainstream beauty trends that were spread by pop culture idos and other channels.
  2. Body shape trends. Different times have different fashion and beauty trends. and tendencies. In the 1990s women, at least in fashion industry, were looking thin, sometimes even too much. Heroin chic was popular. But nowadays more curved forms are in fashion. So, you may talk about the influence trends have even on our body shape.
  3. Men trends. These days there much more men thinking about their appearance and look deeply and more focused. Beards, hairstyles, and other details become a part of culture and global fashion trends no matter what part of the planet you are living in.

Entertainment Essay

  1. Celebrities were always a point of worshiping for other people. From warriors in Ancient Greece to film and rock stars of nowadays. We took a long way but famous people still play a major role in our everyday life. Try to figure out if there is a chance to decrease that mighty influence of celebrities on society.
  2. Does post-apocalyptic and anti utopia movies have something true in their storylines? Is this an objective picture of our future? Does it help us to predict any harmful and catastrophic changes in our society and tanute? Try to make suggestions and bring some valuable arguments.  
  3. A role of a woman in modern entertaining field goes through global changes. A heroine these days is not just a typical stereotyped person but a strong character both with positive and negative sides. Try to trace the change that happened in pop culture these days regarding women and their appearance.

Social Problems Essay

  1. What style and genre of music is the most socially active at the moment? Do you think that rock and punk gave their leading position to hip-hop and rap? And interesting research could be done on this topic. Different moments in history have its music to relate the mood and feel of the time.
  2. Is the background of an author important for his or her relationship with art? How any life events influence the process of creation of a masterpiece? Use some of the most common and popular examples when art depended drastically on the environment and background of an author.
  3. Is gender still an influential point in career for people? Use examples from some of the most controversial cases in pop culture history. Get an example when a negative tendency and stereotype turned to be a positive experience for a famous person. 
Use our cause and effect essay ideas. They will help you come up with some interesting topics for your essay.

Bottom Line

Pop culture is not always about fun and entertainment. But it is definitely one of the most interesting and fun topics to work with. One of the greatest things about it is that we all have some relation to this fenomena. Our experience and influence are the most important sources of inspiration. Get your arguments from your own memories and experience because in this case it is easier than ever.

In case you have questions with writing this type of essay, you always can contact our writing experts to help you out. Professional writers to your service.