140 Unique Sociology Research Topics 2020

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140 Unique Sociology Research Topics 2020
Table of Contents
  1. 140 Unique Sociology Research Topics 2020
  2. What is sociology and what subjects it covers
  3. What makes a good research topic
  4. How to choose a good sociology research topic and why it is important
  5. Top sociology research topics
  6. Best research topics 2020
  7. Teenagers and youth
  8. Family relationships
  9. Race, nation, ethnicity
  10. Social  media and mass media
  11. Health issues and medicine
  12. Sexuality and gender studies
  13. Food and eating habits
  14. Culture, music, and art
  15. Social bias and religion
  16. For high school
  17. For college students
  18. Controversial
  19. Easy and interesting
  20. Bottom line

If you need to write a research paper in sociology, but cannot find the right topic, you are at the right place. We have collected a list of 140 relevant and up-to-date sociology research topics to help. The article offers some tips on choosing the right topic. Our professional paper writers are also ready to assist you with any paper at any time!

What is sociology and what subjects it covers

Before choosing the topic for a sociology research, you should understand what the subject is. Sociology is the field of study that deals with social issues, human behavior, and society in its entirety. While writing a paper on this subject it's common to use ASA essay format.

The disciple is rather broad, but the main issues it investigates are family and family issues, children and teengers, deviant behaviour, social movements, social media and mass media, social biases, health and medicine, culture and art, eating behaviour, social norms, etc. It is only a short list of the areas investigated by this discipline. You will find more ideas for your articles in this article.

What makes a good research topic

Everybody talks about good topics and that is crucial to choose the pertinent one. But, before choosing it, you should first understand what makes a good topic.

  1. Interesting for you. A good topic is the one you are really interested in. If you write about what you like, you will definitely make a better research and find more details
  2. Relevant. Another criterion is relevance. When choosing the topic, you should consider not only your interests but also the class for which you are completing the research.
  3. Current. When you are writing a research in sociology, choose the topic that is up-to-date. The society is changing every day, and it is always a good idea to investigate current issues.

How to choose a good sociology research topic and why it is important 

Before talking about choosing the topic, consider the importance of this writing stage. Many students underestimate the role of the topic in essay or research writing and choose the first one that comes to their head. However, the choice of the topic is the most important stage as it determines what you will write your research about. Thus, take choosing the research topic seriously.

  • Brainstorm. If the topic was not specified by the professor, you will have to choose it by yourself. First, write down all the ideas that come to your mind, look through the topics covered in class, and check some ideas online.
  • Make a research. When you found the topic, make a quick research on it to make sure there is enough information for your research.
  • Create a thesis statement. The next step is formulating a thesis statement, which is the main idea. At this stage, you may also think of a hook sentence.
  • Draft an outline. The next step is creating an outline for essay. It is done to make sure you know what to write in the introduction as well as conclusion.

Top sociology research topics 

If you need inspiration for creating your own topic or just want to choose the ready one, check our sociology research topics list. We have divided them into categories for your convenience.

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Best research topics 2020

  1. The effects of COVID-19 pandemic on the global economy
  2. Causes and outcomes of Black lives matter movement
  3. Will online education influence its quality?
  4. How will the US change after the Presidential election 2020
  5. Causes and effects of Cancel culture
  6. Are Instagram teenagers really influences
  7. How does Coronavirus affects human body
  8. Ecological catastrophes 2020
  9. Global events 2020  canceled for the first time in history
  10. Is the danger of Coronavirus overexaggerated?

Teenagers and youth

  1. How social media affects teenagers
  2. Instagram influencers who have become millionaires before 18
  3. What contributes to low self-esteem in modern teenagers
  4. Main causes of teenage cruelty
  5. Importance of sexual education for teenagers
  6. Causes of teenage pregnancy
  7. What parents can do to prevent teenage pregnancy
  8. Problems with self-identification in teenagers
  9. Ways to cope with bullying 
  10. Negative effects of excessive parental control

To broaden your essay ideas, check out compare and contrast essay topics. Mix a couple of ideas into a creative one.

Family relationships

  1. How divorce affects children
  2. Child upbringing in same-sex couples
  3. Change in family values over the 21 century
  4. The role of family in the formation of the child’s personality
  5. Can I child receive all the necessary things from a single parent
  6. Cross-national adoption issues
  7. Is a family still a value today?
  8. Why young people don’t want to get married any more
  9. The effects of father-daughter relationships of woman’s self-esteem
  10. Pros and cons of hiring a nanny for a child

Race, nation, ethnicity

  1. Are ethnicity and nationality the same thing?
  2. Relationship between race and class
  3. The melting pot phenomenon
  4. The most common stereotypes about Americans
  5. Do nationality and ethnicity affect self-esteem
  6. What is patriotism
  7. Why people continue immigrating to the US
  8. Should immigrants have absolutely the same rights as the residents?
  9. Do international marriages work?
  10. Biased attitude to Mexicans in the US

Cause and effect essay topics may give you some ideas to create an interesting title. It is crucial for your task.

Social  media and mass media

  1. How social media affects the spread of information
  2. Is media helpful or harmful to the society
  3. The effects of portraying fake “ideal” life on people
  4. Blogging as a new profession
  5. Social networks as a source of depression in young people
  6. Distorted body image on Instagram
  7. Can online dating be considered real
  8. Hate culture in social networks
  9. Instagram or TikTok?
  10. Social media brings people closer or farther (Consult: essay about social media)

Health issues and medicine

  1. How to maintain mental health today
  2. Is it compulsory to visit a psychotherapist in the 21 century?
  3. The use of 3D printing in medicine
  4. Health trends 2020
  5. The effects of no-sugar trend
  6. Why do they say milk is harmful?
  7. Ethics behind stem-cell testing
  8. How lack of enough sleep influences human brain
  9. How COVID-19 effects human body
  10. Relationship between poverty and health

Sexuality and gender studies

  1. Change in perception of gender roles over the last 100 years
  2. Why so many teenagers have problems with self-identification
  3. How social media promotes gender bias
  4. The most iconic feminists movements in the US
  5. Should sex education be made compulsory in schools?
  6. The most widespread gender biases
  7. Gender bias at the workplace
  8. Sexuality and gender bias in Disney movies
  9. Portrayal of homosexuality in movies
  10. What age is appropriate for talking about sex with children

Food and eating habits

  1. In what way does fast food affect society?
  2. The US food culture
  3. The effects of eating habits on a lifestyle
  4. Is milk healthy for adult consumption?
  5. Food and culture
  6. Which of the current trends (vegetarianism, raw food, keto diet) is really healthy?
  7. The main causes of child obesity
  8. How vegetarianism contributes to the environmental protection
  9. The most common eating disorders today
  10. Food in advertisements

green, red, blue, and orange figures against numerous wooden figures representing the society

Culture, music, and art

  1. Is the US a melting pot of a fruit salad
  2. How has immigrants changed the US culture
  3. The history of music development in America
  4. American vs European cultures
  5. The oldest American tradition
  6. How music artists  affects influence teenagers’ behaviour
  7. American rap culture
  8. Milestones in American cultural development
  9. Andy Warhol as an icon of pop art
  10. The way foreign cultures affect the US values

Social bias and religion

  1. Race-based discrimination at the work place
  2. Do men really make better bosses and women better mothers
  3. Should there exist only one religion
  4. The most common stereotypes about Islam
  5. Which religion is the most widespread today
  6. Glass ceiling 
  7. Ageism and its causes
  8. Gender inequality at the workplace
  9. Should celebrities be given priorities?
  10. Plastic surgery issues

For high school

  1. Should the High School students study only those subjects they choose?
  2. Is school uniform the way to avoid bullying?
  3. Should teenagers be treated as adults?
  4. Is online and distant education as effective as traditional?
  5. Is summer homework effective?
  6. Causes of global warming
  7. How sports helps to study better
  8. Is homework helpful or harmful?
  9. Influence of distant or online education on socialization of children
  10. Should high school students be legally allowed to work?

For college students

  1. What is cyberbullying and its effects
  2. Major causes of stress among college students
  3. Healthy and unhealthy ways of coping with stress
  4. Should college students have part-time jobs or focus on education only?
  5. Why do students cheat in exams?
  6. Social media as the source of depression among teenagers
  7. What are the factors that shape social norms?
  8. Who determines what behaviour is considered deviant?
  9. Women rights movements in the US
  10. Is American dream still alive?


  1. Should abortion be perceived as a crime?
  2. For and against compulsory vaccination
  3. Should recreational marijuana be legalized in the US
  4. Euthanasia as a way to avoid suffering
  5. Are vegans healthier than people who eat meat?
  6. Is fast food the main reason for high obesity rates in the US?
  7. Do you support capital punishment?
  8. What is the right way to treat school bullies? 
  9. Should sexual education be made compulsory in schools?
  10. Do there exist professions only for women or men?

Easy and interesting

  1. Why people dream of moving to Bali
  2. Countries with high parental leave rates
  3. The most interesting/weird food traditions
  4. Impact of globalization on countries
  5. Global lockdown as the cause of increased divorce rates
  6. Consumerism in the US
  7. What would the life look like without social media
  8. Ideas and lifestyle propagated by modern music
  9. What are the roots of stereotyping
  10. How social media leads to depression 

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Bottom line

Take your time to look through the list and choose the topic that fits you the most. Or maybe one of them will inspire you to create your own unique topic. However, if you are at a loss, find it difficult to choose the topic, or do not know how to write the research, use online writing service. Professional writers are experienced in completing different types of research. They will help you choose the right topic and complete it according to the instructions you provide.