ASA Format Style Manual to Guide Students and Young Professionals

ASA Format Style Manual to Guide Students and Young Professionals

Teachers around the world are committed to educating students in perfect citing practice. Every official documentation in a professional career requires this knowledge. ASA citation format is something students need to write school, college, and university essays, research papers, journal articles, etc. The article we offer provides clear guidance on how to use ASA format in different settings, including quotations, bibliography, and manuscript formatting.

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What is ASA Format?

The initial question, which comes to mind is, “What is ASA format?” The American Sociological Association offered this writing style some time ago. It happened back in 1905. The organization is responsible for various sociological sciences in the US. They support the scientists, writers, and students involved in the field of sociology and related studies by developing and contributing to the modest community.  The organization offered to use ASA citation format in the scholarly publications of the high quality. It releases a couple of such publications. Those are the American Sociological Review (ASR), and Contemporary Sociology (CS), and they both are cited in ASA format.

Before creating the paper in this particular style, check whether your institution requires it and learn how to write in ASA format from our article.

How to Cite in ASA Format?

If a student or young writer involved in the field of sociology wants his/her reviews and discussions on corresponding topics to be published, it is important to learn how to cite in ASA format. In some cases, a student may need to study MLA, APA, Harvard, or other formats.

Since the primary edition of the guide released in 1996, the writers around the English-speaking community lacked information about its guidelines. It made both them and their target reading audience confused. It will be easy to master ASA paper format if you know APA or Chicago. Experts see plenty of similarities between the ASA official manual and The Chicago Manual of Style/American Psychological Association style.

The primary mission was to provide instructions to let writers deal with electronic sources. The guide helps to structure, arrange, and organize a research paper on sociology and explains how to insert citations, footnotes, and bibliography. The guide contains illustrations to speed up the learning process. With each new release of the ASA formatting guide, the organization introduces some changes and improvements.

The recent edition offered the changes to the basic 2 components:

  1. Author citation – a comma should go after the initial writer’s surname if the source has a couple of authors;
  2. Issue number – the creators of the style offered to add the issue number of a journal article to make it simpler for the audience to find information.

The Importance of Studying ASA Citation Format

Why is it important to understand how to create ASA format citation? By knowing the recommended writing style, a student or young writer may take part in the following activities to contribute to the scientific community:

  1. Writing
  2. Submitting
  3. Publishing

Citing is the best way to avoid plagiarism and acknowledge a distinguished author. One day you will be paid back – students will cite your works in their research papers. Any piece of writing is an intellectual problem. No one can copy-paste the words of others without adverse consequences. The process of creating citations and references could be time demanding and boring, but once a student masters the chosen format, he/she increases the chances to be published and recognized.

In which situations should a writer cite the works of others?

  1. In publications, guides, presentations, and service, people who are involved in the fields related to sociology define credit, and reference the original writer while taking information or material verbatim from the work of a third party no matter if it is printed or electronically accessible;
  2. Sociologists should provide acknowledgment of another person’s paper even if the target piece is not cited verbatim or rewritten. These professionals do not pretend they have written the words of other authors no matter if it is printed or electronically accessible (American Sociological Association, 2014, p. 3).

Where to Find ASA Format Example?

Each citation appears in the author-date style. ASA format example is a short in-text citation, direct or indirect, pasted in a place where a source is quoted, and a full list of sources added at the end of the work.

The usage of in-text citations makes it possible to integrate the literature writer used into the paper without difficulties, and it allows linking writer’s ideas with the studies of other scientists who worked on the same topic. Mind that teachers include citations & references in the final word count.

Every quotation has the writer’s surname along with the date of publication (a year is enough). The writer must enclose such information in parentheses and locate the citation at the end of the sentence between the final word and the period. It helps to prevent plagiarism and make the paper organized.

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Rules & Principles of ASA Bibliography Format

A comprehensive reference list requires involving an ASA bibliography format. The tips you see below will assist in developing the references page.

A bibliography must follow the content & footnotes on a dedicated page titled References with the help of the 1st-level head format;

  • A writer should include the quotations in alphabetical order by the original writer's surname;
  • A student must add the names of the authors instead of the initials;
  • It is important to double-space the quotations between every entry;
  • Avoid using the ampersand (&);
  • Put a comma between 2 or more names – stick to the latest, 5th edition of the official manual;
  • The words different from prepositions, articles, and conjunctions should start with the capital letters;
  • If the writer introduces several works of the same author, a full name is needed in every quotation in chronological order (starting from the most outdated one).

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