100 Best Compare and Contrast Essay Topics for Any Student

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100 Best Compare and Contrast Essay Topics for Any Student
Table of Contents
  1. 100 Best Compare and Contrast Essay Topics for Any Student
  2. What is a Compare and Contrast Essay
  3. Tips on Choosing a Topic
  4. Compare and Contrast Essay Topics
  5. Compare and Contast Essay Topics for College Students
  6. Compare and Contrast Essay Topics for High School
  7. History: Topics
  8. Economics: Topic Ideas
  9. Healthcare: Compare and Contrast Essay Topics
  10. Philosophy: Topic Ideas
  11. IT and Social Media: Ideas
  12. Literature: Great Compare and Contrast Topics
  13. Cinematography and Music: Topics
  14. Science: Topics
  15. Bottom Line
  16. Students Also Ask

Most students get excited when given a chance to choose a compare and contrast essay topic they are most passionate about. However, the first time you face this task, you can't help but feel a bit puzzled. Believe you are not alone since coming up with a brilliant topic idea may take some time. Besides, you need to take care of the target readers – mostly your professors grading thousands of similar papers.

The great news is that our experienced English essay writers have compiled a list of the 100 best compare and contrast essay topics for any assignment you can ever imagine. On top of that, you will find out how to select the topic that will make the jaws drop (in a good way only).

What is a Compare and Contrast Essay

It shouldn't surprise you that any writing process starts with brainstorming a topic for an academic paper. However, it's nearly impossible to choose the right topic without a precise understanding of a compare and contrast essay. Let's first figure out the definition.

As you may guess, compare and contrast essay is a piece of writing that offers an extensive comparison of the two or more subjects. This type of paper is all about uncovering what is similar and what is different. Such paper provides enough space for creativity since students may choose to explore a controversial topic. And the fun part begins when you get to draw a parallel between two subjects instead of covering a single issue.

Takeaway: before you actually get down to write a paper, make sure to choose two things that you will be able to compare.

100 Compare and Contrast Topics for Your Essay

Tips on Choosing a Topic

Now that you are familiar with the definition, it's time to learn how to choose great compare and contrast essay topics. Below, we have gathered the great suggestions that will help you get started. Here're several useful tips to consider when choosing compare and contrast essay topics:

  1. Brainstorm a topic. The best way to decide on two good compare and contrast topics is to brainstorm and write down all potential ideas. Once you choose two proper subjects, you have to organize your thoughts. Prepare a table where you will mention both similarities and differences between the two subjects.
  2. Focus on an apples-to-apples comparison. As mentioned before, you should find two things that have a connection. For example, you can take two pets – cats and dogs – to contrast, while comparing a fruit (i.e., banana) with music (i.e., hard rock) doesn't make sense.
  3. Ensure there is enough material. Just like an argumentative paper, your compare and contrast essay will need evidence. Thus, when picking a topic, you should also find enough primary and secondary sources. Make sure these sources are credible and no older than 5 years.
  4. Choose a killer subject. When it comes to a small task and massive results, topics steal the show. Good titles for essays have an immense impact on your reader. For this reason, you should focus on those compare and contrast essay topics that will spark interest.  
  5. Build a thesis statement. Sometimes all you need is to move in the opposite direction. Firstly, set your purpose by writing the thesis statement. Next, research the topics based on your thesis.

Keep in mind that compare and contrast essay topics should be in line with your assignment's instructions, if there are any. After all, it would be really frustrating to have a comparison paper written on a topic that doesn't stick to the requirements.

Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

Selecting a compelling topic might take a while if you don't have a list of sample ideas in front. With this in mind, we encourage you to look through the pool of compare and contrast essay topics listed below. Feel free to grab any subject you like most and transform it into an outstanding essay.

Compare and Contast Essay Topics for College Students

We have divided the following topic ideas into several categories to make it easier to select the one you need. But you can always browse other ideas such as argumentative essay topics. The list starts with the most relevant compare and contrast essay topics college students usually discuss. These are:

  1. School vs. College: the key differences
  2. Employed and unemployed students: who takes the best of their life?
  3. Research paper and essay: what are the similarities and differences?
  4. Introvert and extrovert: how are they different?
  5. American English  and British English: major differences
  6. What makes education and employment similar?
  7. SAT and TOEFL: Differences and similarities
  8. How are Master's Degree and Ph.D. different?
  9. Persuasive and argumentative papers: what similar features do they share?
  10. Traditional education or remote learning: which option is better?

Compare and Contrast Essay Topics for High School

Below, you can find a list of the most common topics for high school students:

  1. Living in poverty and being rich
  2. Coffee and tea: what are the effects on a human body?
  3. Living in a big city or a countryside
  4. Human interactions: face-to-face vs. online
  5. Exercising or dieting: which method is more effective?
  6. Family traditions vs. national traditions
  7. Living at home or living on campus
  8. Childhood and adulthood
  9. Working in an office or being a freelancer
  10. Education or professional career: comparison

History: Topics

They say history repeats itself. However, the course of events is always different. Let's see the examples of historical events or public figures students can choose for their history compare and contrast essay topics:

  1. Comparison of Lincoln's and Washington' ideas
  2. Renaissance vs. Baroque epoch
  3. Anthropology vs. Religious studies
  4. American Government vs. Soviet Union Government
  5. Democracy vs. monarchy
  6. Election systems: US vs. the UK
  7. North and South before the Civil War in the US
  8. Henry VIII vs. King Louis XIV
  9. Fascism vs. nazism
  10. World War I and World War II

As for history subjects, consult our topics for informative essays. You will find something interesting for sure.

Economics: Topic Ideas

In case you need to compose a comparison paper on Economics, look through this selection of compare and contrast essay topics:

  1. Economy and Economics
  2. Economics and Business
  3. Financial crisis and regression
  4. Economic growth and economic development
  5. Economic issues and social issues
  6. GDP vs. GNP
  7. Economic politics: East vs. West
  8. Developed economy and developing economies
  9. Consumerism and minimalism
  10. Macroeconomics and Microeconomics

Healthcare: Compare and Contrast Essay Topics

Thanks to modern medicine, there are different treatment approaches. With this in mind, finding ideas for comparison should not be a challenge. Below are just some ideas on Healthcare:

  1. Traditional medicine and western medicine
  2. Prescription drugs and natural alternatives
  3. Surgery or chemotherapy
  4. Plastic surgery or cosmetic surgery
  5. Psychology and psychiatry
  6. Cancer and tumor
  7. Autoimmune disease and autoinflammatory disease
  8. Clinic or hospital
  9. Testing on animals or testing on humans
  10. Antibiotics or antiviral drugs

Diversify proposed topics with some new ideas. A good cause and effect topic may come in handy.

Philosophy: Topic Ideas 

There are so many philosophical theories and ideas that you will be spoilt for choice. Here're are just some aspects you can consider when choosing compare and contrast essay topics on Philosophy:

  1. Philosophy and Neuroscience
  2. Life and death: various philosophical views
  3. Physical and mental needs of human beings
  4. Greek philosophy and Roman philosophy
  5. German philosophy and French philosophy
  6. Materialism or spiritualism
  7. Dualism or monism
  8. Idealism or relativism
  9. Nietzsche or Kant
  10. Freud or Adler

IT and Social Media: Ideas

If you are a digital-savvy student, consider the following compare and contrast essay topics on technology:

  1. Windows or Mac
  2. Android or iPhone: which one is better?
  3. Netflix or HBO
  4. Facebook or MySpace: which social network offers more opportunities?
  5. E-mail or traditional mailing
  6. Chatting with a human or a robot
  7. Online and traditional commerce
  8. Online dating and real-life relations
  9. Computer games and video games
  10. Searching for a job online or traditionally?

Literature: Great Compare and Contrast Topics

Have a comparison paper due on Literature? Do not skip over this list of ideas:

  1. Comedy or drama
  2. Greek and Roman mythology
  3. Romanticism and impressionism in literature
  4. Prose or lyrics: what people prefer more and why?
  5. The poetry of XIII Century and nowadays
  6. Shakespeare's Othello vs. Hamlet
  7. American novels and French novels
  8. Fiction or nonfiction literature: what are the differences?
  9. Autobiography and memoir
  10. Literature now and 20 years ago

Cinematography and Music: Topics

Are you passionate about movies or music? Here's your jam of compare and contrast essay topics every movie and music lover will appreciate:

  1. Books or movies: why reading is preferred
  2. Computer-generated imagery and computer animation
  3. American cinematography and the Soviet Union cinematography
  4. Movies and anime
  5. Horror movies and thrillers: comparison
  6. Electronic instruments vs. traditional musical instruments
  7. Jazz and rock
  8. Sam vs. Frodo Baggins (Lord of the Rings)
  9. Harry Potter vs. Draco Malfoy
  10. Gandalf vs Dumbledore

Science: Topics

Are you into science? Then, quickly look through these great compare and contrast essay topics to find the one you like best:

  1. Predators and prey
  2. Physics or Chemistry
  3. Milky Way and Andromeda
  4. Bacterias and viruses
  5. What makes the Earth different from the Mars
  6. The first mission to the Moon and the second visit
  7. Thomas Jefferson or DaVinci: whose innovations matter more?
  8. Earthquake or tsunami: consequences of which one are worse?
  9. Formulas of two different chemical reactions
  10. Protons and neurons

You may look for how to write a topic sentence. No worries, we have a special blog that will explain everything.

Bottom Line

Compare and contrast essay topics for college students might be tricky to choose. Make sure to consider the tips given in this article when picking the subjects for your paper. Once you decide on a subject, feel free to get in touch with our expert writers for help. We are eager to assist you at any stage in the writing process and deliver a unique compare and contrast essay.

Students Also Ask 

Can I choose more than two subjects for a compare and contrast essay? 

Typically, it is required to draw a parallel between two subjects in your compare and contrast essay. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t take three or more things for your comparison. Make sure that you find both similarities and differences between the chosen subjects. But if you choose multiple things to compare, you should put extra effort into organizing your thoughts. 

How do I write a title for a compare and contrast essay? 

The main purpose of a compare and contrast essay is to identify the similarities and/or differences between any two things or events. To choose a great title for a comparison paper, you should ensure that the subjects are:

  • Comparable (have something in common)
  • Contrasting (have differences)
  • Both comparative and contrasting.

Besides, your title should be eye-catchy to grab the reader’s attention.