30 Good Topic Sentences for your Success

30 Good Topic Sentences for your Success
Table of Contents
  1. 30 Good Topic Sentences for your Success
  2. The importance of topic sentences
  3. What are basic functions?
  4. Helpful tips
  5. What are their key qualities?
  6. Qualities of bad topic sentences
  7. Examples of excellent topic sentences
  8. Narrative topic sentences
  9. Argumentative topic sentences
  10. What are good compare and contrast topic sentences?
  11. Useful examples for all students
  12. What are other helpful topic ideas?
  13. Conclusion

A topic sentence is an important part of your essay. Its basic function is to help you organize each paragraph by summing up its information in a brief manner to make it easier for readers to grab your point. Use topic sentence examples to write good topic sentences. Without them, your academic paper will fail.
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The importance of topic sentences

A topic sentence usually comes at the beginning of a specific paragraph and tells your target audience what the rest of it is all about. That’s why other sentences that follow it must provide more information, prove it by giving interesting facts, or describe its topic in detail. They all should expound on your chosen subject. Good topic sentences are related to your thesis. It serves as a helpful roadmap and a hook for an essay because it tells every listener or reader where you’ll go with your information or how you’ll treat your topic.

What are basic functions?

Topic sentences serve a few important purposes. A clear topic or controlling idea helps you keep your focus and provides readers with the tools necessary to understand everything you want to say. They set the tone for a particular paragraph. Make sure they relate to your thesis. Topic sentences are essential because they lead the target audience into the major points you’re making in your paper without any confusion. They also help you avoid miscommunication.

Helpful tips

Let's look at useful tips on how to write a good essay topic sentence:
  • Make an interesting argument that isn’t obvious to all readers;
  • Use the most original idea as your last topic sentence;
  • Write transition words and phrases to show clear connections between your points and ideas;
  • Try the format of questions and answers;
  • Use vivid adjectives, adverbs, and verbs to make your essay fun and interesting to read.

What are their key qualities?

There are certain qualities that all of your topic sentences must have to be a strong foundation for your essay writing:

  • Brevity,
  • Precision,
  • Clarity.

Rambling and long constructions are confusing. Don’t pack them with many minor details. Avoid using vague terms and engaging into wordplay because it’s necessary to tell readers exactly what you want them to know. Don’t be very broad when introducing your informative essay topics. It’s an unhelpful and bland approach.

Qualities of bad topic sentences

Take into account specific things that you should avoid when introducing your paragraphs because they’re useless and will prevent you from getting major points across. What are they?

  • Using facts as your topic sentences while they must introduce your opinion or point,
  • Talking only about the effect,
  • Writing boring and plain phrases to introduce your topic.

Examples of excellent topic sentences

If you lack enough inspiration or face other challenges, use the following ideas to come up with your own interesting suggestions and elaborate on them. They are available in different categories.

Narrative topic sentences

  • I realized men planned a mutiny with the final comments of my first mate;
  • The ocean was miraculous that evening, and I thought I would lose many of my men in a few hours;
  • It was the moment when I found something I realized must be a real treasure;
  • We all thought we’d seen the worst that nature had to offer, but we were wrong according to a final night of our adventure.

Argumentative topic sentences

  • One of the most important strategies that all companies must implement to protect ships from pirates is to provide armed security;
  • Although players can take credit for the success of their team, coaches truly deserve that;
  • The main reason why Romeo and Juliette should be considered the best romantic story is its plot;
  • File-sharing websites are another great example that modern technology creates new types of crimes.
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What are good compare and contrast topic sentences?

  • Dead Men Tell No Tales is very similar to Pirates of the Caribbean because of its cast;
  • Irish drinking songs can easily compare to many sea shanties of pirates;
  • Black Bart and Blackbeard entered into piracy in different ways, but they both found their deaths in battles;
  • The portrayal of pirates’ appearance by Hollywood is similar to existing historical accounts.
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Useful examples for all students

  • In the next meeting, we’ll discuss work and its productivity;
  • Abraham Lincoln is one of the most powerful and influential politicians of all times;
  • Education plays a huge role in lowering crime rates;
  • The Civil War had its devastating effects on the South because it was fought mostly on its territory;
  • To be a good athlete, you need to master a set of different skills;
  • I’ve never thought about becoming a police officer until my uncle fell a victim of a violent crime.

What are other helpful topic ideas?

  • Being an efficient CEO requires a range of important characteristics;
  • It’s possible to lower teen pregnancy rates by improving education;
  • There are certain reasons why pollution in the world keeps increasing;
  • Cooking requires a set of specific skills;
  • Crimes in high-poverty areas occur because of systematic discrimination;
  • Kitchen remodeling requires in-depth research and a good eye;
  • Global warming has a number of potential contributing factors;
  • Preparations are important before investing in any property;
  • Dogs are amazing pets because they help their owners live longer;
  • Having the first baby is a tough experience due to major life adjustments;
  • Fortune numbers face many challenges while exploring a shipwreck;
  • Graduating from high schools is a must for a number of reasons.


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