The Most Preferred UK University Top in 2017

The Most Preferred UK University Top in 2017

To gain high rankings among UK universities, the university board has to be rather hard-working and attentive to all students. At the same time, students have to go through many challenges if they wish to obtain a luxury education. As we know, excellent education leads to amazing career opportunities.

To stay in trend and work for the sake of your future, take a look at these university rankings. The following university top displays only the best places to get higher education of only one country, but, as you may know by this time, the United Kingdom has most of the world recognized colleges and universities. The university top created by the world’s educational experts is displayed below.

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World’s Top UK University Rankings

  1. Cambridge University

All in all, 71 universities from the UK are present on the list of rankings. Four of them are in the top 10, and the fourth one on the global list of rankings is Cambridge. Most of the students might know Oxford university better, but the fact remains the same for a while: Cambridge university made it through several years ago!

According to the table, this year one of the oldest universities in the world is so successful thanks to the close business tights with the authoritative cluster called ‘Silicon Fen.’ The university has around 19,000 students by this time. Many of them come from different countries.

  1. Oxford University

The world’s research could not exclude such giant as Oxford university from the rankings. The university is very famous even among American students – they wish to study here as well.

It is one of the most ancient universities on the international level, and the oldest one in the entire English-speaking world. It has places reserved for potential Nobel Prize winners. The rankings tell that 27 graduates managed to earn this title. 27 UK Prime Ministers were also known to graduate from this university. S. Hawking still recalls the place with the great warmth.

  1. University College London

The capital city, London, is proud of having University College London among its educational institutions. Speaking about London’s colleges, UCL has won this award for the second time during a single year. The university follows Oxford in the world’s table of rankings.

Another subject of matter is a number of students who study in the given university. There are 15,600 students studying in the London’s university. Many international students have improved their English language significantly.

  1. Imperial College London

The next university with the highest rankings after UCL is located in the capital city too. Its impressive teaching methods have made it number 10 in the global table. This year, the university has invested a lot of money in research and innovation. For instance, the first healthcare science center in the UK university was launched during this academic year.

  1. University of Edinburgh

This league is located in another part of the UK, Scotland. The university is very picturesque. The rankings are rather high because the university sticks to the best teaching standards and is a Russell Group elite member. Also it is a member of the League of European Research Universities.

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  1. King’s College London

One more university from the capital city has a loud name which corresponds to the high quality of teaching standards and opportunities for research and further innovations. It is the shelter for the Florence Nightingale Faculty of Nursing and Midwifery. The local nursing school has helped King’s university join the global table.

  1. University of Manchester

The university has also joined the high league of the respected Russell Group. According to the explanation, it is the biggest single-campus UK university. It is one of the most overloaded educational institutions in terms of overloaded population.

  1. London School of Economics and Political Science

LSE is the next university on the list of international rankings. The standards of teaching correspond to all norms. During the current year, the university was honored for having many varieties for those students who are interested in studying social sciences such as psychology, sociology, gender studies, and more. A rather diverse body of students has a lot of international guests from 140 countries.

  1. University of Bristol

Teaching services of the particular UK university impress many applicants. It is located in South West Englandis. As you have noticed from the international rankings, the membership in Russell Group has also rewarded the place with bonus points. The institution was also included in the table of top research-intensive UK universities. The academic preparation has released 12 Nobel Prize winners during its 140-year history.

  1. University of Warwick

You may have heard about the company with the same name, which releases music instruments and other associated stuff. However, this time we talk about international teaching rankings. Another institution on the table has a large campus outside of Coventry. The institution has reached its 50thanniversary previous year. Its strong reputation is associated with the Oxford-style standards.

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