What Is A Rogerian Argument And How To Use It In The Essay

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What Is A Rogerian Argument And How To Use It In The Essay
Table of Contents
  1. What Is A Rogerian Argument And How To Use It In The Essay
  2. The definition of Rogerian argument and its origin
  3. Why is Rogerian argument important?
  4. What is the purpose of the Rogerian argument?
  5. Rogerian argument vs. argumentative essay
  6. Relevant Rogerian argument topic ideas
  7. Rogerian argument outline
  8. Essay structure
  9. How to write a Rogerian argument
  10. Writing tips
  11. Final thoughts

A Rogerian argument is a way of presenting a controversial topic in the essay. Its goal is to identify common ideas between two opposite sides and reach an agreement. The writing process of a Rogerian method involves introduction, analysis, and persuasion. Keep in mind that an enormous team of academic experts from our professional essay writer service are always ready to help with your assignments! 

The definition of Rogerian argument and its origin 

The Rogerian argument is a persuasive technique that aims to find a mutual agreement between two conflicting parties. It includes such elements as introduction,a contradictory statement, valid contexts to two opposing positions, and benefits. The Rogerian model was first mentioned by Alton Becker, Richard Young, and Kenneth Pike in “Rhetoric: Discovery and Change” (1970). 

Why is Rogerian argument important? 

The Rogerian method is essential for finding a common ground between two contradictory views. It helps a writer and a speaker to represent theissuefrom different angles and persuade their audience. 

What is the purpose of the Rogerian argument? 

The key goal of the Rogerian method is to establish a compromise on a controversial problem. For example, a business negotiator represents satisfying points to a state official about tax reduction for enterprises. Even if you wonder how to write a rhetorical analysis more effectively, this type of argument can also be used in analysis.

Rogerian argument vs. argumentative essay

The main difference between a Rogerian model and an argumentative essay is the manner of representing a problem. To explain it better, let’s mention three examples below:

  1. In the Rogerian method, a writer states an opponent’s position. Conversely, the argumentative essay mentions the claim and supports it with facts. 
  2. Ethos is built through empathy with the Rogerian model, whilst in the argumentative essay, it is delivered through competence. 
  3. In the Rogerian tactic, logos explains conditions why this position is true, while in the argumentative essay, it appeals to a reason.  

Relevant Rogerian argument topic ideas

The Rogerian method is used in various writing themes. Let’s mention a few of them below: 

1.    Cosmetic Products Must Not Be Tested On Animals.
2.    Smoking In Restaurants Should Be Prohibited.
3.    Death Penalty Must Be Banned in the USA.
4.    US Universities Should Have Obligatory E-Courses.
5.    Medical Use Of Cannabis Should Be Legalized.
6.    School Education Must Develop Creativity in Children.
7.    Gun Ownership Should Be Banned in the USA.
8.    Reading at Schools Should Not Be Compulsory.
9.    Euthanasia Is Unethical.
10. Marijuana Use Should Be Legalized in the USA. 
11. Seventeen Year Old US Citizens Should Vote.
12. Human Trafficking Should Be Banned in the World.
13. The US Government Should Not Strengthen Immigration Policy. 
14. Juvenile Delinquency System Should Be Banned in the USA.
15. Smoking In Public Places Should Be Allowed In The USA.
16. Death Penalty Should Not Be Prohibited in the USA. 

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Rogerian argument outline

To write the Rogerian argument format, it’s important to stick to this outline example for essay while you are writing: 


  • Stating the problem
  • Explaining positive points of the mentioned position
  • Indicating how a position is different from controversial views. 
  • Mentioning thesis. 

2.Key points of opposing positions:

  • Defining the main reasons why opponents disagree with the argument.
  • Stating credible sources that contradict opposing views. 
  • Writing a statement for the target audience to help them to understand the argument. 

3.Validating the opposing idea.

  • Including the topic statement about a concept/idea mentioned in the previous paragraph. 
  • Writing a sentence that agrees with controversial beliefs. 
  • Explaining with facts in which cases you agree with a contradictory view. 
4.Mentioning your position
  • Writing a topic statement where you explain your idea. 
  • Proving your point with credible sources.

5. Adding a value to your position. 

  • Explaining why your point is true.  
  • Describing a situation why your position has merit. 

6.Stating benefits. 

  • Demonstrating your opponents what outcomes that will get if they accept your position. 

Essay structure

The Rogerian method includes the introductory part, body, mutual agreement, and conclusion. The example of its structure will be the next: 

  1. Introduction. You should explain your position and concisely explain its solution.
  2. State an opposing view. You need to include facts and ideas about a contradictory statement.
  3. Prepare the context for a controversial position. In this section, it’s important to add details to your opponent’s views. 
  4. Mention your idea. Introduce your statement with key points.  
  5. State the context and its value. Provide proof of your statement in this section.  
  6. Include benefits. It’s a conclusion, and you should mention the main advantages of your position and include a solution to it. 

How to write a Rogerian argument 

If you want to write an excellent writing piece using a Rogerian method, you should follow these handy steps: 

    1.  Write an introductory paragraph. In this part, you need to state your problem and explain it to the audience briefly. Also, it’s essential to acknowledge the position of the other side. 

    2.  Define the context for the opposing side. It means that you should include points, facts, quotes that contradict your statement in the text. 

    3.  State your position and context. You must prepare solid ground to prove your statement in the body. It is necessary to quote credible sources, mention facts and ideas, demonstrating your opponent that you are right. 

    4.  Write benefits. It’s the final part of the Rogerian method. During your writing process, you should claim the benefits of your statement and appeal to the opponent’s views to find common ground.

Writing tips  

In the case you wonder how to write a Rogerian argument in your writing, here are several useful suggestions:  

●     Examine thoroughly an opposing view.  
●     Determine common angles. 
●     Elaborate on your position. 
●     Find arguments to prove your statement. 
●     Mention opposing views on the issue state them. 
●     Restate your argument and the position of your opponent. 
●     Finish and include a concise summary of your statement. 

Final thoughts 

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