Student Life

How to balance out academic and social life? What are the best part-time jobs for students to help them stay afloat and not rob the bank? Is it possible to start your own business while at college to get out of the student loan? All of these and many more other essential questions live in the head of an average student. And, frankly speaking, they are all great fair questions. We tried to answer at least some of them and provide a valuable perspective on important parts of student life. We collected the wisdom of the older generation, brainstormed for innovative ideas young people can easily implement in real life, and suggested solutions to the most common issues students face during their college years. We are sure this information will be of much help to you. So, find the topics you are most interested in and dive in. Have a great read!

Searching for 20 top preferred writing apps to ease your creative process? These Android and iPhone Tools will help to improve!

20 Best Writing Apps for Android and iPhone

Posted at 07.31.2017 by

In the recent decade, advanced development companies have released a range of writing applications. Students enjoy these opportunities. Young professionals use writing tools to: Enrich vocabulary Avoid grammar/spelling/punctuation mistakes Apply correct formatting Automatically check entire note...

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Do you wish to study in one of the best higher educational institutions in the UK and around the world? Look at the survey of university rankings in 2017.

The Most Preferred UK University Top in 2017

Posted at 02.15.2017 by Pro Essay Writer

To gain high rankings among UK universities, the university board has to be rather hard-working and attentive to all students. At the same time, students have to go through many challenges if they wish to obtain a luxury education. As we know, excellent education leads to amazing career opportunitie...

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Are you getting lost in all that study notes and materials? We will tell you how to prepare for the upcoming exam in several easy steps.

Most Useful Tips That Helped Students to Study for their Exams

Posted at 01.22.2017 by Pro Essay Writer

When you study for the exam, the first golden rule is to keep calm. After all, it’s not about deciding whether you should live or die. There is nothing dramatic in receiving B instead of A. However; you should try hard not to get C or D as many world’s institutions are not satisfied with such re...

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Useful hints grabbed from SAT & ACT Preparation Online Guide along with the official statistics that will help students with calculating the desired test score.

SAT Score Range: What’s an Acceptable and Desirable SAT Score for College?

Posted at 12.15.2016 by Pro Essay Writer

There is a big difference between a good SAT score for college and acceptable SAT score. When a graduate first applies for the university, it is not that crucial to possess the highest possible GPA, which is usually 4.0. An applicant should not fall into the “below average” category. At the same...

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Several critical factors come to your mind when thinking about career-related decisions. Hopefully, this article will help to determine your workplace.

Personal and Global Factors That Influence Career Choice

Posted at 12.05.2016 by Pro Essay Writer

Military, technology, commerce & E-Commerce, engineering, law, art, education, healthcare... This is not the full list of possible fields where successful graduates can work. Many young people wonder how in the world they can make such a responsible decision. No one wants a career he or she would ha...

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Famous American Writers: From Colonial Times till Today.

Great American Essayists

Posted at 08.28.2016 by Pro Essay Writer

Do you know that famous novelists and great thinkers found writing essays enjoyable? Of course, when modern students here the word ‘essay’, they immediately have an unpleasant association with a boring, standardized five-paragraph piece of writing on a theme which cannot inspire anyone.Yet, trea...

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Learn more about requirements for teacher’s quality and their responsibilities inside and outside the classroom!

Modern Teachers and Their Duties

Posted at 05.20.2016 by Pro Essay Writer

Selecting a good school for your child is never an easy thing to do. Parents searching for a school their kids pay attention to a lot of details: School has to be located in a nice, safe area It has to be well-equipped with technology and learning materials School has to offer after-school prog...

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