20 Best Writing Apps for Android and iPhone

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20 Best Writing Apps for Android and iPhone

Looking for essay writing tips? We have everything you need and much more. 
In the recent decade, advanced development companies have released a range of writing applications. Students enjoy these opportunities. Young professionals use writing tools to:

  • Enrich vocabulary
  • Avoid grammar/spelling/punctuation mistakes
  • Apply correct formatting
  • Automatically check entire notes

Composing and publishing software became faster during the last five years. If you are a journalist or an English Language & Literature student trying to overcome difficulties with work, we recommend these 20 applications. Don’t miss your chance to get help from an essay writer online. Writing gurus number one on the academic/creative market help everybody!

  1. IWriter (iOS + Android)

Top world recognized tool which functions excellently on Android/iOS. Android version lacks opportunities. iOS version allows authors to enjoy their job! Functions contain:

  • Syntax stressing (find adjectives, nouns, and other parts of language without any problems)
  • Split screen (not all writing apps have it)
  1. JotterPad (free)

Available for Android only. It has a cool design every user loves; JotterPad makes it possible to convert files from PDF to WORD and some other popular formats. The app supports Markdown. A demo version lacks the availability of features; a paid version is required to unblock Creative Mode.

  1. Final Draft Writer (better for iOS)

Not an expensive creative tool which allows effective screenwriting. The best thing is every user can share the final version of screenwriting in many formats, including FDX. Authors save the drafts to iOS devices to view them anywhere. Simple navigation makes both drafting and editing rather exciting. Change your piece to standard industry formatting – share the results on Dropbox, e-mail, or else.

  1.  Writer (free)

Wish to have an app developed by the famous screenwriter? Actor Tom Hanks has offered free Hanx Writer with paid upgrading; it shares the secrets of the most popular typewriters. The software is the first typewriter simulator ever – try your creative composition skills!

  1. Lists for Writers (free)

Students who start practicing novels will find Lists useful. Forget about search engines: this babe generates ideas better than Google. Without an Internet connection, it is possible to access the program and choose your character name/story plot/event location.

  1. Index Card

Do you want to have excellent Scrivener analogy which costs three dollars? Those who prefer bullet lists will find it simple to allocate characters, locations, backgrounds, and other story elements. Using physical index cards is time-consuming!

  1. Audible

Audible is a loyal student’s teacher which allows listening to books dedicated to the art of writing. We recommend it even though it is not one of the best writing apps – it’s a listening tool. Beginning authors listen to the guides while riding, walking, or having a rest. Students save money on books found expensive on Amazon.

  1. Evernote (free)

Evernote is the top preferred web/mobile application as it is easy to jot down new ideas not to forget arguments or question you have later. The best thing is that you don't need to type everything manually – enjoy voice recognition option (paid) to record the thoughts. Check grammar/spelling/punctuation.

  1. Ulysse

Insert words with automatic synchronization; programmers would love this function. The app allows creating a document out of fragments, making a complete story; the content order is predetermined in the final version of the notes.

  1. Text Expander

Type your essay manually using keyboard requires text expansion. Table and phone typing is a nightmare. The writing software saves time and nerves: whatever you compose gets into Text Expander tool automatically. You can move it via e-mail, messenger, to the cloud, etc. Write your creative essay in the blink of an eye. 

  1. WriteRoom

Sync your notes online if you got stuck far from your PC/laptop unable to type words on one of these devices. Receive plain text to your phone. The top chosen app comes free of charge. The main theme is white text on a dark gray background which you can change. Save the ready content on the Android or iOS device to share it locally.

  1. My Writing Nook

Need a writing Android/iOS app with different customization options to improve your skills? This helpful innovation has many wonderful themes, opportunity to activate auto correction of English grammar/spelling, ability to share content online. Three dollars paid online to start your novel creator career!

  1. ManuScript

An essay or short novel – ManuScript is an available Android/iOS app based on the web app with the same name. Having problems with creating outline – choose ManuScript to develop an action plan (outline) to follow. The tool contains research paper options equal to Google features. Once you are finished, obtain XML or HTML version of essay upon request free of charge to publish masterpiece online.

  1. MonoSpace Writer Beta

If you need bare bones writing or editing application with user-friendly, stylish interface (dark theme activated). One feature makes it stand out: the opportunity to organize & collect hashtags instead of uncomfortable folder system. Supports DropBox functionality.

  1. Drafts 4

As an owner of iOS devices (iPhone, iPad), a student is interested in a convenient writing app. Type your opinions with the speed of light and store to use prepared notes on any device in the future. Submit drafts from iOS to different services/websites.

  1. Write

Just sit down… and create using “Write” writing application iOS users around the world love. In the middle of the keyboard, find cursor nub to navigate the entire process. Special iOS software allows locating the cursor during the entering process, sharing content, passing code locking, managing interface, etc.

  1. Pro Writing Aid

Free online proofreader & editor in one face fixes the notes quicker, leaving no space for grammar mistakes. Wordiness, complex sentences, jargon words, repetitiveness, passive voice – it solved all problems.

  1. yWriter 5

Android/iOS stylish users appreciate yWriter 5 thanks to its powerful, user-friendly design supported by novelist features. No need to break your head – the best app will divide the story into logical chapters and essay structure. The tool keeps track of progress; meet urgent deadlines with the application!

  1. Bubbl.us

Beginning an essay, research paper, short story, or novel becomes simpler with exclusive drafting/editing apps! Brainstorming is the assignment of Bubbl.us. it is available on both website and Android/iOS app which serves writers of any level. The offer includes winning features:

  • Full customization
  • Changeable bubble colors
  • Text size
  • Formatting
  • Inserting hyperlinks

The service is free!

  1. Q10

An original Android/iOS add-in developed to release hidden potential, let reach any part of the document faster, start from the moment you closed document, prevent distracting factors, and more.

Android and iOS developers know what students want. They do their best to create opportunities to support young professionals and even talented novelists.

Best writing apps along with the professional online academic services solve student’s problems in several clicks. How long does it take to write a 5 page paper? Our writers can complete it in a matter of hours. Place an order with us to achieve both academic and world’s writing heights!