Writing an Observation Essay Made Easy

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Writing an Observation Essay Made Easy
Table of Contents
  1. Writing an Observation Essay Made Easy
  2. Definition & Goals
  3. Paper Structure
  4. Introduction
  5. Body Paragraphs
  6. Conclusion
  7. Observation Paper Writing Tips
  8. Observation Essay Topics
  9. Help with Observation Essay

Global Education Monitoring Report by UNESCO states that the total youth literacy rate in Egypt is 63. How did the organization come up with this conclusion? The answer to this question is observational statistics.

If you want to learn how to write an observation essay, you should know how to carry out the research. This article will provide you with some good topics for an observation essay, its definition, tips on writing, and a vision of this paper’s structure. As another option you can always ask a professional essay writer for help!

Definition & Goals

To define, an observation essay is a paper based on remarks and findings of an individual, group of people, or a specific event. The goal is to describe your observations on a particular theme using many details. Remember that it is not a research paper.

Write your observation essay in the present tense, creating an impression of keeping in touch with the event as if the reader was in the described place or writer’s reality. Sharing feelings and pointing out the notes on the event make the paper more realistic and engaging.

If your instructions do not specify the writing style, choose out of the available formats accepted in any college or university: MLA, APA, Chicago/Turabian, AMA, Harvard or ASA format essay. The choice depends on the academic level and field of study. Select a style with the most formal structure. The majority of writing formats contain the following elements:

  • Title/Cover page
  • Headings
  • Fonts
  • Indents requirements
  • Page numbers
  • Spacing
  • Emphasis
  • Footnotes
  • Bibliography page
Check out our guide on how to do a bibliography to see the examples of citations. 

Paper Structure

As for technical requirements, composing an observation essay, the author needs to write in the first person. Such an essay’s structure is usually similar to the other essays: introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion. 


A decent introduction consists of a hook, background information, and a thesis statement. An essay hook is a sentence or two aimed at catching the reader’s attention to persuade them to carry on reading. Use a subtle joke, informative statistics, exciting facts, or a challenging question, and the reader will more likely proceed reading the rest of your essay. 

Make sure to visit our blog on how to write a hook for an essay to create an irresistible opinion essay introduction.

Provided background information will create a total understanding of what the paper is about. The reader will be able to catch the main idea and the content of such a text. The author should be concise and not reveal too many details in the introduction.

The thesis statement most often is a 2-clauses sentence that highlights the main idea of the text. It raises questions and prepares the reader for its development in body paragraphs. The thesis in an observation essay could be a general impression from a subject of observations.

Body Paragraphs

Traditionally, there’s no absolute measurement of how long your text should be. But generally, such a type of paper consists of 3-5 body paragraphs. However, don’t hesitate to specify the amount with your tutor.

Body paragraphs are given to you for disclosing the topic, i.e., developing the thesis statement, providing the reader with arguments and facts on the pros and cons of certain ideas. Writing an observation essay, you can use more figurative language to make your text more immersive.

Also, an observation essay’s purpose requires the writer to use the first person while writing.


The last part of your essay ‒ which usually is 1 paragraph ‒ is the easiest to perform. In conclusion, you need to analyze how you developed the thesis statement, provide the shortest ever overview of your arguments and ideas, and finish the text in a way that makes the reader think of it.

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Observation Paper Writing Tips

Writing an observation essay, you should be more attentive to details: mark how a particular journalist or professional writer plans and structures the recent articles discussing the current events. Daily news events could play a role of an excellent observation essay example to study.

Let’s review some of the tips regarding an observation essay:

  • Write an observation essay outline if you are stuck with no idea how to start. Include the details like the number of paragraphs, specify headings, create a thesis statement, highlight main points and issues to cover. It is always a good idea to break down your task into pieces when working on the essay template
  • Write down three to five good ideas that you will try to defend in your work on a separate paper sheet. Every page must contain the sound, smell, touch, image, and taste of the chosen subject. Keep in mind that you’re not writing a descriptive essay. 
  • Present the scene, theme, and mood of the observation essay in your introduction. The scenery will be a good fit as the hook for your reader from the opening lines. 
  • Fill the body paragraphs with numerous observational details and evidence to support the main argument. Feel free to use figurative language as you need to immerse a reader into your view on the subject. But be attentive while writing, not to fall into descriptive essay examples
  • End your observational writing with a conclusion that leaves a powerful impression on a reader. Reflect on the paper’s thesis statement, list the main arguments and reasons for the further discussion of the subject, and provide some forecasts.
  • Use personal experience to meet the paper’s criteria. Working on data & facts shared by other people does not make a legitimate observation essay. 
  • In case you use quotations, devote the last page to references. List all the cited works with the rights reserved to make your text free of plagiarism and avoid potential problems with intellectual property. 
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Observation Essay Topics 

The list of observation essay topics can be endless – choose the one carefully based on the latest events in the cinematography, literature, music, or entire world. Read through the checklist on how to select a topic for an observation essay:

  1. Stick to the topic that excites you. Why spend your life on things that make you unhappy when there’s an option to avoid them? Moreover, the final text will be way more attractive for readers if you fill it with your interest in the topic. 
  2. Do a little research. It is crucial to choose the most appropriate angle of your paper. The research will also help you to narrow your topic down and make it more informative. 
  3. Write about familiar things. It is easy to make your paper inappropriate if you try to present a new topic while writing.
  4. Observe the recent news in different human activity fields to create a list of great topics on a separate page.
  5. Attend an event to get inspired. Include such details as who attended the event, why people organized that event, the meeting’s goals and place, and how it enriched your personal/professional experience.

If you still encounter difficulties with the choice, take a look at the shortlist of good observation essay topics to pick the best writing idea:

  • Why do I find punctuality important?
  • The movie I never get tired to re-watch
  • Do I value honor more than material goods?
  • Three simple ways to get rid of the depression
  • Music is the best therapy in many life situations
  • What sort of gift I believe is the best for my mom?
  • The way we behave is the mirror of our personality
  • The role of freedom in the life of the average American citizen

Help with Observation Essay

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