What is an Exploratory Essay?

What is an Exploratory Essay?
Table of Contents
  1. What is an Exploratory Essay?
  2. Structure of a perfect exploratory essay
  3. Great exploratory essay examples
  4. How to choose good exploratory essay topics

If your teacher asked you to create a good exploratory essay or 500 word essay, remember that your goal is to research the problem, and introduce people to the different point of views on the issue. Types of papers like the one in question do not try to persuade readers that a single idea is correct. It merely shows the problem from different angles.

We will go into more details about this issue and even provide you with great examples of such writing, but first, we want to answer an important question. “What is an exploratory essay” is the starting point of our important discussion; find out the information about it here.

Considering the name of our type of essay in English, its goal is in introduction a reader to various angles of a single problem. There is no goal of persuading anyone as well as no need in researching the topic beforehand. Just state some existing opinions.

To present the main ideas of such types of writing for a reader to understand it, the essay expert must clearly understand the structure. Each part, an introduction, main body paragraphs and conclusions, have their own purpose one should not miss not to confuse the reader.

Structure of a perfect exploratory essay

Most types of essays have similar structure; and exploratory essay is not an exception. We will guide you step by step through its structure in the correct order; read on to find out all the useful information.

  1. An introduction. It goes without saying that introductions serve one goal - to grab readers’ attention. Wondering how to write an essay introduction that entices readers? You can provide interesting statistical data, look in the history of the questions you raise, explain potential effect of the information on the reader, or even write interesting questions. These tricks can attract readers’ attention. Then, in such types of essays, you need to state what your main focus will center on and describe what the issue is. Target audience knowing what you will talk about will understand whether this topic is of any interest to them and read on to find out the source of your knowledge.
  2. Main body paragraphs. Start with looking at the issue from different angles; dedicate one paragraph per problem and leave room for clear explanations of your paper’s main ideas. We would recommend having at least three main body paragraphs to improve the clarity of the issue: it will give you enough space to elaborate on the issue.
  3. A conclusion. Finally, your exploratory essay should have a straightforward conclusion that summarizes the views on the situation in the text and analyzes them. You do not need to state what view you support, as it is not your main goal; just remind the audience about all the existing positions.

Great exploratory essay examples

With a clear exploratory essay structure in mind, you can easily start writing your own work. As you dive into the process, remember not to violate copyright when describing what points of views there are.

Always create references on a separate page.

If you feel that this knowledge is not enough to craft a perfect exploratory essay by yourself, we can show you a good example of such a piece. Go through it to see what points and tips we shared in this article the author used and how much it improved the quality of an essay.

How to choose good exploratory essay topics

We hope that the example we provided above helped you see our tips applied in practice. The author truly did a great job; you can use his experience when writing your own essay.

But how do you choose a good topic?

The answer to this question is crucial to the success of your work; do not underestimate its value. We have gathered useful tips on how to pick perfect subjects and how to title an essay. Use these ideas if you need some examples.

  1. It shouldn’t be too broad. You must introduce readers to the problem, and it is impossible if the problem is way too broad. So, consider choosing something not too broad, something you will be able to describe in your essay to the fullest.
  2. There should be an information around it. As you understand from the title of an exploratory essay, it aims to show problems and solutions. Your goal is to share information on some topic, but not use arguments like in argumentative essays.
  3. You must research the issue. You must only choose a topic you can research, not something abstract or fairly new. There must be at least two camps that disagree over this issue, and their arguments should be clear and evidence-based.
  4. Don’t present your opinion only. We have already stated that you cannot base your exploratory essay on your opinion only. Find topics other people argue about not to turn an exploratory essay into an opinion essay writing.
  5. Pick something interesting. When looking for ideas, take other people’s interests into account. It cannot be something narrow, unknown or uninteresting; this way you are killing readers’ interest in the beginning.

We hope this information was useful to you. Creating an exploratory essay might seem tricky or complicated but in reality it is not if you know the basic rules of its composition. Start with choosing an exciting topic, gather different opinions around it and develop a system of arguments supporting each side.

It should not be too complicated. If you dedicate some time to prior research and choose a topic you find exciting too, writing will be so much fun! Enjoy the creation of the essay, and if you have other ideas on how to write a perfect exploratory essay, lets us know in the comments! You can always order your perfect essay here.