Successful Essay Writer Is a Productive Essay Writer

Successful Essay Writer Is a Productive Essay Writer

Just like specialists in any field professional essay writers always have to improve their writing skills and gain new knowledge that might help them grow. Moreover, professional essay writers have to do this when they have a pile of assignments on their table and are pressed for time. Thus, one of the most important aspects of a professional essay writer’s work is successful time management.

Word count

First of all, every professional writer knows that talent is a great advantage, but hard work is the key to progress and success. Therefore, one needs to establish how many words he/she wants to write per day and keep to this daily norm. If one knows there are things that do not let one concentrate, one should eliminate such distractions. You can switch off your phone or email and social media notifications to be fully present at work (especially when you are working from home). However, quite often it is hard to achieve the perfect working environment, so writers should bear in mind that their goal is to produce a particular number of words regardless of any distracting details.

More physical activity

Being a writer means spending hours and hours in front of the computer. Certainly, this affects how you feel and how you work. Do not forget to take breaks and do some physical exercise – even vacuum cleaning counts if it helps you get more energy to become more productive. Human body was not designed for a sedentary lifestyle, and daily work in front of the computer not only leads to problems with eyesight and constant headaches, but also ruins people’s metabolism which causes obesity. If you choose writing as your career, choose walking, swimming, jogging, or dancing as your biggest hobbies. Maybe, you have always been dreaming of having a dog? Time to go and get one! At least you will be sure that you go for a walk two or three times per day.

Your environment is important

Professional essay writers are often overloaded with work. At such moments they might forget about taking a break and doing physical exercise. If this happens, the least they can do is to prepare their working place for endless hours of academic writing. To start with, adjust your monitor height. Your monitor has to be at your eyes level. Spending hours in front of the monitor which is lower than your eyes level causes neck pains and headaches and does not make your writing process easier. It is also a good idea to adjust your monitor and the document you are working with. Your eyes can get tired fast because of the white background of your document and black text. Choose different colors: for instance, you could make your document background olive green and the text light yellow. You can choose any colors that you feel are better for your eyes.

Start writing in a different genre and create your blog

When you are an essay writer, your main focus is academic writing. However, sometimes you need to switch to a different genre not to lose your potential. Start your own blog where you could share your ideas, discuss interesting news, and just post articles about those topics that you are interested in and that are not related to your field of work. Having your personal website and blog is always a great idea because this can help you attract more people and potential customers. On your website you can not only demonstrate your excellent writing skills but also tell people about your experience and show them how professional you are. People want to trust you, and the only way to trust a person is to feel that you know him/her well enough.

Do research first

Writing an essay is a complicated task because you are always in need of some ideas, and ideas usually come when you have already read multiple resources and analyzed them. Therefore, before you sit down to start another essay, do research first. You will always have to cite credible sources, so make sure you have these credible sources ready when it is time to give a quote. It is always hard when you come up with a brilliant idea and cannot provide any evidence. Get evidence first and save more time on writing.

All you need is a plan

The trickiest thing about being a freelance writer is working from home. When one is at home, everything is distracting. Your kitchen is full of delicious food, your bed’s magnetism is incredible, and the TV is another good friend that wants to show your favorite program or movie. What you should do is to have a plan. Your home has to become your office. Create a working atmosphere; get up early on your working days and later when you have a day off. If you feel you want to stop producing, do some exercise or post something on your website, but do not relax and turn on your favorite TV show. Rhythm is what keeps you active and there is no way you can lose it and slow down. In case you feel that working at home is not for you, find another place such as a library or a café where there is not much noise and you can think and create. If you feel that the way you work now does not let you be fully productive, do not be afraid of changing your schedule and finding the things that motivate you.