A+ Research Paper Is Guaranteed If to Follow These Simple Steps

A+ Research Paper Is Guaranteed If to Follow These Simple Steps

Research paper is a combination of views, thoughts, statistics, and facts regarding particular research paper topics. This type of academic paper is more complicated than ordinary essay because a student has to conduct a broad research first. It involves gathering, analyzing and interpreting topic-related data.

Research paper is assigned to every student  by their professor at least once in his academic life. The main purpose of this task is to see how well a student can conduct qualitative or quantitative research. Also, it’s about making sure that students have a general idea of how to collect and select primary/secondary sources as well as apply required writing style properly. Finally, it is a good way to check student’s English language proficiency.

 How to start writing a research paper

Before starting to write a research paper, every student should answer the list of core questions. Particularly, the writer should be able to answer What? Why? How?

  1. What are the key concepts of your paper?
  2. Why should the reader be interested in reading your paper?
  3. How will you organize your paper?

Research paper outline 

To know how the perfect research paper should be organized, students should pay attention to the creation of the detailed outline. Here is the effective example of the basic outline structure:

How to Write a Research Paper Step-by-Step

How does the process of constructing a good research essay look? Instructors define three steps of writing this type of work.


To begin with, a student should set a prewriting process. It consists of topic selection, search of the appropriate sources, discovery, and information organization. The best sources for picking up the subject are newspapers, magazines, online periodicals, broadcasts, and TV shows. It is critical that the topic is up-to-date and exciting to discuss.

When choosing a topic, narrow it down by developing a clear, brief thesis statement. It helps to keep away from being overloaded by the enormous amount of information. Brainstorming is a good option of selecting only one topic.

While collecting data, it is important that you write down all the sources. It is better to create a reference page first. Then, there will be no need to find the used resources after writing the entire paper. Make sure you use only academic formats for your citations (MLA, ASA, Chicago, APA, Harvard). Don’t play with the fire: in case you have difficulties with following formatting rules, it is better to avoid risking. It is safer to buy research papers done by experienced writers and former top alumni.


The second step is writing. After you organized all information, reflect it on the paper by following the same rules as for academic essay writing. The structure is well-known: an introduction with a strong thesis statement, three or five paragraphs of the body consisting of some evidence and persuasive examples, and a convincing conclusion. It does not matter if your expectations are not proved in the end. The primary goal is to make a logical conclusion based only on credible sources. Show the process of your thinking. What is attractive is that a student is free to pick the writing style. It means phrases like “what I mean is…” or “…but it sounds ridiculous to me” work. Follow your outline carefully.

 Research paper introduction

Along with a perfect paper organization, the opening paragraph aims to help the audience know that the article is of interest for them. Research paper introduction is commonly written at the end of the writing process, unless the writer has created a detailed outline or at the very beginning of the writing process. If there is a detailed outline with all the necessary main points and background information. 

How to write a research paper abstract

Writing an abstract for a research paper is devoted to creating and presenting a short summary of the research paper content. It usually takes just one paragraph that should be up to 250 words long no matter the length of the whole article. To write a quality abstract the writer should follow the purposes that it serves:

  1. provide the essence of the paper in order to make readers understand whether they need to read the full paper;
  2. provide the detailed information, analysis, answers, and arguments from the full paper;
  3. outline the key points from the research paper.

Finally, a moment of revision comes. Many students forget to revise their paper by mistake. They consider this stage insignificant. Usually, they are too tired to proofread and edit something. But even the smallest grammar, spelling, or formatting mistake may reduce the final grade. The best way to check your paper is by pretending you are the audience. Does your work make sense?

In-Depth Research Is the Clue

In-depth research is the first step to successful “A” or “B” essay. Research paper is known as one of the most efficient tools used to check student’s overall knowledge of the specific subject as well as writing and communication skills. It defines how well students collect material, analyze it, and write academic papers based on the conducted research.

Every subject might be different, but the structure of research paper is the same everywhere. Here are the steps to preparing a good research paper.

  • Explore possible topic ideas
  • Brainstorming to pick the best
  • Decide on the keywords
  • List all trustworthy
  • Gather relevant and up-to-date information
  • Develop a thesis statement based on the purpose
  • Include headings and subheadings
  • Prepare note cards
  • Come up with an outline
  • Write a body of the paper (3-5 paragraphs)
  • Cite each source correctly
  • Write an introduction after the body part to summarize the main ideas
  • Insert a conclusion in the end. Mention your own expectations and results
  • Proofreading and editing

Choosing and Applying Sources

We are living in the age of technological progress, but educators still recommend attending library to view print books as well. On the other side, students can find everything on the Internet, but some sources are not free. The most credible sources are:

  1. Fiction books
  2. Academic textbooks
  3. Academic/scientific journals
  4. Government publications
  5. Interviews with authorities
  6. Scientific publications
You don’t have to pay money for these primary sources if you use library books. You will have to go through full document versions to use the most relevant in-text citations and references to prove your point of view. If you find a required material on Amazon or eBay, be ready to pay to read the entire version. The same works with Google books: the best parts are shown once you buy the book or subscribe.

Ideas for research paper topics  

If you’ve received the assignment to write a research topic but the professor has not provided any topic options, our academic experts outlined the most interesting and engaging research paper topics amd divided them into caegories such as sociology research topics, history research topics, topics for college students, etc. Check the following ideas and you‘ll be surprised how easy a great topic idea can emerge. Gain your understanding of generating interesting paper topics with the following checklist:

Interesting Research Paper Topics 

  1. How can gamers know that they have become addicted?
  2. Liberalism: Benefits and consequences
  3. Dangers of strict following keto diet
  4. The role of conflict management in family business
  5. What makes people really happy?
  6. What makes the nation prosperous and competitive?
  7. Technological gap between generations: Decoding approaches.
  8. The role of beauty in business success
  9.  The impact of immigration on country’s economy
  10. Adoption rights: Trends and policies

Controversial Research Paper Topics

  1. Child transitioning: pros and cons
  2. Civil marriage: comparison of liberal and conservative views
  3. Civil regulation of religion marriage
  4. Punishment for serial killers and rapists
  5. How is it to be transgender nowadays?
  6. The role of police unions in preventing corruption
  7. Worldwide terrorist attacks: causes and reasons
  8. Reasons of huge immigrants wave in America
  9. How developed countries can help poor countries
  10. Religion, spirituality, and health: an emerging research 

 Research paper topics for college students

  1. Goals of feminist movements
  2. An economic power of China
  3. The benefits of same-sex classes in public schools 
  4. Variety of education systems in European countries and America
  5. The role of collaboration skills in science education
  6. The role of stem cell research in the medical field
  7. How can airport security make passengers safer?
  8. Effective and most essential methods of teen pregnancy prevention
  9. The linkage between the number of domestic jobs and tariffs
  10.  Keto diet: literature, benefits, and drawbacks

 Sociology research paper topics

  1. How can social media make people more connected
  2. Anxiety and depression caused by social media
  3. Stereotypes in childhood: Approaches in psychology
  4. Should teenagers be treated equally by adults
  5. The role of sport in strengthening mental health
  6. Impact of homeschooling on child’s socialization
  7. Self-identification in support of diversity and equity
  8. Confidentiality and conflict of interest
  9. Public communications policy
  10. Causes and impact of inter-racial marriages 

 History research paper topics

  1. How has Luther King’s speech impacted the world until today? 
  2. An in-depth study about neo-colonialism
  3. The history of industrial revolution
  4. Steady economic growth of working class in China
  5. How the colonial era impacted the US nation
  6. Explain the foreign policy in the USA during Donald Trump’s era
  7. The great depression: causes and consequences
  8. Causes of Vietnam War
  9. The role of large media coverage in aiding the terrorists’ agenda.
  10. The global perspective concerning women and leadership - newest reports

How to Collect Ideas?

  1. Avoid forums, social media, unreliable sources without authors, and other sources of subjective information
  2. Download and use only time-tested research paper examples
  3. Prepare an outline and stick to this plan
  4. Select the most relevant quotations to be applied in your text
  5. Pay for efficient research paper help online
Use only expert research paper writing service. Talk to your peers to get feedback and more thoughts when choosing the best service.

Research paper writing tips 

Although writing a quality research paper may seem difficult and painstaking, students will neither feel inconveniences nor face issues being acquainted with useful academic writing tips and guidelines. Our academic experts are highly experienced in writing an effective research papers that follow the grading rubric. Thus, they have outlined the most useful tips and important moments that the writer can meet throughout the writing process. Have a look at the most important rules to follow writing an A+ research paper. 

  • Do not skip doing an in-depth research. Remember that the proper research is the first step towards establishing the scope of facts and arguments necessary for writing a quality content. Also, it will make you stay focused on the topic throughout the essay 
  • Remember to choose the topic that interests you the most. If you have the opportunity to choose your own topic for the research paper, there is no need to choose the topic you do not like, as you will do the better research and find more facts about the topic you like rather than a boring topic. Brainstorming the best and the most interesting topic for you among the tons of topic ideas, will help you succeed in writing your paper  
  • Create an engaging title. Interesting title can attract the attention of the reader and help to make the positive first impression
  • Prepare a detailed outline beforehand. Some students prepare to skip the process of writing a detailed outline as it requires them to spend some time that they can devote that time to essay writing. However, having a clear plan or so-called mind map of the essay structure will make the process of writing a quality first draft of the research essay easier and quicker as you do not need to spend extra time for research.
  • Always reread your paper several times. Sometimes, reading the paper draft, it is rather hard to see all the errors at first and gain the understanding of all ideas presented. As a result, you will submit an imperfect essay or you will need to read your essay several times in order to find all the mistakes, make better text flow, and increase paper readability. You may take some notes after each reading to revise the paper effectively
  • Avoid plagiarism. Plagiarism is a serious issue. You may receive an F or be expelled from college ot university. Always check your project for plagiarism

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