How to Write a Persuasive Essay: Things You Should Learn to Succeed

How to Write a Persuasive Essay: Things You Should Learn to Succeed

It’s one of the most common academic papers for students of all academic levels and age groups, and it offers a great opportunity to demonstrate the right knowledge of a particular topic, critical thinking, vocabulary skills, etc. How to write a persuasive essay? It’s an art form that you’ll use during studies. To write an outstanding paper and support your major argument, it’s necessary to use your practical skills and effective approaches.

What is Persuasive Essay Writing?

What is persuasive essay writing? It’s a type of academic writing that requires you to explain the chosen topic and persuade other people that your viewpoint is the most accurate and valid. To complete this assignment and please your teachers, develop a strong argument, take a certain side, and explain why others should adopt your point of view. Research it and consider possible biases. It’s not like argumentative papers.

Use your reasoning and logic to demonstrate that your chosen position is more legitimate than the opinions of your opponents. Although your basic target is to persuade readers, avoid making baseless claims and make sure that your argument uses solid evidence and sound reasoning. Sway your audience from one opinion to another. Teachers allowed you to pick a specific side.

Why Use Persuasive Essay Examples

If you need extra inspiration to generate interesting ideas, persuasive essay examples are the best place to look for them. Read them to understand how to complete your assignment.

Expert Advice

Teacher assign this type of paper to let students know how to structure and present their arguments successfully. Expert advice is to use counterarguments. That’s because you can’t win over people who don’t share your viewpoint by forcing them to accept it blindly without explaining why their opinion is invalid. Write down counterarguments in a separate paragraph, explain to your target audience why they’re invalid, and include strong evidence. This advice will make your paper more convincing.

A List of Good Persuasive Essay Topics

Picking the best topic for your academic paper takes some effort and time. To impress all readers with your choice, conduct in-depth research, look for controversial issues, and brainstorm interesting ideas with other people. Your topic should be manageable and simple. Look for something you care about to make the entire process more enjoyable and you’ll defend your viewpoint with ease. It will be simple to find good words.

Your topic should be complex enough to discuss in your paper, and you should make sure that it can interest your readers for real. There’s no point in writing about something nobody cares about. Avoid narrow and clichéd themes. If you find it hard to choose the best idea for your piece of writing, look at excellent persuasive essay topics below and use them for your inspiration.

Sports Persuasive Essay Topics

  • The role of sports in different social institutions;
  • No sports can  have a negative impact on people’s health;
  • The global revenue of sports proves that it’s a great career choice;
  • The influence of politics on modern sports in very negative;
  • Physical education is an underestimated subject.

Interesting Persuasive Essay Topics

  • Organic food is worth its higher price;
  • People are very dependent on modern technology;
  • All healthy people should sign up to be donors for organ transplantation;
  • The American Dream is attainable in the modern society;
  • Money can make people happy;
  • Every couple should think about adopting children to become good parents;
  • Surveillance without a warrant can’t be legal;
  • Love makes people stupid;
  • It’s possible to eat healthy food without learning to cook;
  • Eating less is the most effective way to lose weight.

Science Persuasive Essay Topics

  • The importance of robotics in the lives of modern people;
  • The impact on genetically modified food on the human body and health;
  • Identity chips are the most effective way to store personal information;
  • Genetic testing on people is worse than on animals;
  • Science and religion go hand in hand;
  • Mobile phones aren’t safe to use.

The Best College Persuasive Essay Topics

  • All students should take part in sports activities;
  • Royal family shouldn’t be abolished;
  • Reality shows exploit people;
  • All people should undergo IQ testing to have kids and vote;
  • Immigration laws should be stricter;
  • People should spend more money on future space missions.

Persuasive Essay Topics for High School Students

  • It’s essential to isolate infected students in schools;
  • All cities should have free public access to Wi-Fi;
  • There’s no way to allow songs with filthy language during school dances;
  • Students should have their right to take meals during classes;
  • Educational institutions with low standardized test scores shouldn’t exist.

Persuasive Essay Topics About Animals?

  • Deer hunting should be illegal everywhere;
  • Water pollution threatens aquatic life;
  • Veterinary care prices should be more affordable;
  • People shouldn’t sell rare and exotic wild animals as pets;
  • The society should forbid animal cruelty.

Useful Guidelines for How to Write a Persuasive Essay

To start writing your paper, consider its topic and decide whether you agree or disagree with it. Form your personal opinion on it. Teachers and readers want to get a close insight into your logic and critical thinking, so use your viewpoint to research, develop a strong argument, and write the best draft. How to write a persuasive essay? Feel free to discuss controversial themes. It’s all about your unique way of portraying your major argument and choosing evidence to persuade your target audience to adopt the same stance.

Create a Helpful Persuasive Essay Outline

A thorough preparation is important to write a winning paper and get high scores. Research your topic and create a persuasive essay outline. Your research plays a huge role because it’s a foundation for building your paper and a process that informs you about the chosen subject. It brings the evidence necessary to support your claims.

After conducting your research, proceed to a plan of your paper and organize all notes to generate interesting ideas to use. Your outline should consist of a few basic parts. Divide each one into different subsections because this simple step will let you focus your argument and avoid wandering off your topic.

Draft a Persuasive Essay Introduction

Start your paper with a hook to grab readers’ attention with the very first sentence that you write. Determine your target audience and make its definition clear. It’s possible to use different types of hooks, from relevant quotes and interesting facts or statistics to personal anecdotes, rhetorical questions, and outrageous statements.

State Your Persuasive Essay Thesis

A thesis statement is a final part of the introduction or a strong, clear, and focused sentence that tells other people the argument you’re writing about. It’s a foundation for your paper. It’s necessary to make a bold and active stance on your chosen issue to end up with a strong opening paragraph.

A Good Persuasive Essay Body Paragraph Structure

The main body is the biggest and most important part of your academic paper. This is where you use different tools to convince people. Write a few paragraphs with separate topic sentences, transitions, evidence, and other important elements to make your piece strong enough. If it doesn’t sound convincing, take a step back to brainstorm interesting ideas for your statement and take your topic from there.

Write every major point in a separate paragraph. To defend your thesis statement effectively, use relevant quotes, examples, facts, or stats in the same section and take some time to examine each argument and its meaning. Consider what your opponents may say in response. This effective strategy will help you counteract their arguments even before they make them and decide what to say in response.

Try to find common grounds with opponents. By agreeing with their strong points and anticipating all of their possible arguments, you can show readers your confidence and strength. If you fail to address obvious opposing arguments, your paper will look weak and your thesis statement will lack its strength.

What About a Persuasive Essay Conclusion?

When you reach a finishing part of your paper, all of your readers should be at the point of agreeing with your opinion. Write this paragraph to reinforce the points you discuss in other sections and leave the audience with a certain call to action or a different frame of mind. How to do that? Start a concluding paragraph with restating your thesis and remind readers about major points to keep important information fresh in their minds. Close it with the idea of a call to action.

Helpful Tricks to Succeed

Before picking your topic, explore it under the loop by memorizing the basic rules of powerful writing. Take a particular stance. Explain your personal opinion on the chosen issue, possible prejudices to support the main argument, your preferred side, or an effective solution.

Take your target audience into account. Decide whether they should accept your point of view or refuse to agree with it because it’s important to understand both sides of the issue. Ignoring your opponents is a bad idea. Conduct your thorough research online and in libraries. One of the key purposes of this type of writing is to present your compelling and broad evidence that you take from credible, updated, and relevant sources of information. Your words cost nothing without that.

Don’t forget to support your thesis. It’s essential to use strict facts and statistics that you can get through your investigations, research, personal experience, and so on. To avoid plagiarism, reference and cite all the sources you use according to academic standards and your chosen formatting style. Mind the structure of your final draft.

Editing and Proofreading Steps

Revising your final draft may seem a daunting task if you don’t know how to complete it. Start with reviewing other papers that you wrote to identify common error types and focus on these areas. Keep the necessary format in mind. Take a break and distance yourself from your work before you start a revision process to refresh your mind and make things easier.

Reread your draft to ensure that you support a thesis with solid evidence and its organization is logical and contains smooth paragraph transitions. Take time to ensure that you’re very thorough. There are different areas that the proofreading process covers, including your content quality, structural elements, citation guidelines, and overall styling.

Review your piece of writing for content completeness to make sure that you meet all assignment requirements and provide 100% accurate information to readers. Identify the areas that can benefit from extra details. Ask other people to read it and focus on the areas that sound unclear or require more support and explanation.

Pay attention to spelling, punctuation, and grammar. Make sure that the organization is logical. Review your paper to check whether its introduction contains a clear thesis statement and if all the subsequent paragraphs relate to it and you presented them in a logical order.

Read a final draft to ensure that its tone is consistent throughout all sections and appropriate for your target audience. Edit all wordy and awkward sentences. This is how you’ll maximize effectiveness and clarity. Read it aloud and listen to anything that seems unclear, awkward, and incorrect or use special software to complete this task.

Final Words

After reading this guide, you’ll learn everything about writing a winning persuasive essay and earning great grades. If you still need help, turn to professional writers. If you lack time or experience, ordering high-quality papers from real experts is a clever idea because you’ll get many benefits. Don’t hesitate to use expert assistance online. Grab a helping hand to relieve your stress.
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