Follow These Steps to Format Your Research Paper Properly

Follow These Steps to Format Your Research Paper Properly
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  1. Follow These Steps to Format Your Research Paper Properly

Research papers differ from the rest of the academic assignments by their:

  1. structure
  2. purpose
  3. content
  4. and perception

They represent the entire knowledge of a particular academic subject studied by students during the semester. Research paper actually reflects what students gained during the educational semester (Fall or Spring). From this aspect, such assignment can be valued as the final or general essay. So, every page of your research paper is equally crucial. Remember that you can always call our academic writing service for expert assistance. From top-quality research papers to professional essays, our writers will be glad to help you.

As a rule, it results in up to 20% of the final grade. Thus, not only a midterm and final exams influence the final score. Unlike exam, research paper summarizes everything the students learned during the whole class through one chosen topic. So, it does not cover general questions or problems like exams do. Students should dedicate every page to the particular topic discussed at one of the lectures.

The most disturbing question is the one regarding the structure and format of research paper page. It depends on the requirements of your tutor. In case writing style was not mentioned, a student is allowed to pick one on his own. It is recommended to select MLA format in such case as far as it is the simplest one.

Like any essay ( informative essay or 500 words essay), an academic essay must include:

  1. Title page
  2. Abstract (if needed)
  3. Introduction (with thesis statement)
  4. Body paragraphs (with strong arguments)
  5. Conclusion (where you restate the main ideas as well as thesis)
  6. References/Works Cited page

These pages are usually included in other tasks too. On the whole, there is nothing difficult. Still, you have to conduct in-depth research, both qualitative and quantitative, to collect the best sources and pick the most relevant ideas on your topic. Check good sociology research topics here.

All rights are reserved when we speak about intellectual property. Thus, it is impossible to ignore the necessity to cite each source you use on any page of your research paper. Moreover, there should be a separate page with the full bibliography at the end of your work. If you have some questions on how to write a bibliography, read our blog dedicated to this topic. 

It is critical to read corresponding material to learn more information on the preferred format. Please, try to:

  • Follow classical UK English when writing
  • Format every page the same way
  • Stick to the main point throughout the text
  • Avoid grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes
  • Avoid wordiness and unknown words
  • Keep to the standard guidelines on the particular style
  • View good examples online

This article shares the structure of an ordinary research paper.

Start your work with the title page. Most recently, research papers are accurately done in APA format. Get APA study guide before writing this type of task. Find relevant and up-to-date resources before writing the first draft. It is enough to have a one-page draft.

A research essay should be done within strict academic frames. Put the title in the bottom line of the first page (its number should be 0 in fact). Just like the book, this written assignment must include the detailed table of contents. Specify every section’s headings and page numbers in the upper corner of each page.

Now, just a couple of words about proper writing style. No matter which one you have chosen to apply to each page of your research essay, here are the general rules:

  1. A4 Paper

Only clean and high-quality 8 1/2" x 11" blank paper.

  1. Margins

Leave margins of the research essay 1" (2.5 cm) at the top, bottom, left and right sides. Only the page numbers are located 1/2" (1.25 cm) from the top upper-right hand corner.

  1. Cover

It is not necessary unless you are asked in your instructions. You may read the MLA Handbook to get an overall guideline. Anyway, you must type your research paper with respect to your tutor’s requirements.

In case there is no title section, the student may start 1" from the top of the 1st page. Don’t forget to type in your name. Your instructor’s name, course title, and the date should be included too. Start numbering with page 2 in any writing style.

Double-space after the date. On a new line, place the title of the research paper in the center.

Now, a bit more about different nuances. The research paper introduction also differs from the standard essay’s first paragraph. Instead of focusing on something narrow, a student has to mention the importance of the entire course in the very first line. The opening paragraph of a research paper is about student’s motivation and short course’s outline. Keep in mind that you have more space when preparing a term paper: it is not limited to five paragraphs. But it doesn’t mean you are free to dedicate all 15 pages only to the introduction.

Speaking of the size, term paper usually, varies from ten to twenty pages. So, fifteen pages are the best length. If you feel you are not able to meet the deadline, buy excellent research papers from online writing team.

After the introduction, theoretical part follows. It’s like the second introduction: a paper’s background is described briefly in this section. Mention the terms you’ve learned during the course, point at the research techniques you applied. At the end of this part, a student has to come up with the hypothesis.

Empirical part is the place where the research process and analysis are described. Unlike ordinary academic papers, a student has to name the results in this part even though it is not the conclusion.

A further discussion and conclusion are placed in the last couple of paragraphs. However, a student does not have to talk about outcomes once more. This section should look like “the results of the results.” Analyze the achievements and failures of the course, and then formulate a reasonable explanation for your conclusions. Summarize own findings and put it down. It is important to mention the questions which remain opened. In the end, share your expectations and suggestions.

Do not forget to include the reference page that has to consist of no less than three credible sources. Five sources are the best.

Finally, add up an appendix.

Are you still confused? Are there too many rules you have to follow to prepare each paper of your work? OK, then just turn to the professional writing service led by the team of expert writers to get your custom research paper at the fair price!