What Post Grad Problems Students Face after Graduation

What Post Grad Problems Students Face after Graduation
Table of Contents
  1. What Post Grad Problems Students Face after Graduation
  2. What Does an Employer Think about a Graduate?
  3. 1. Problems with Parents
  4. 2. Problems with Friends
  5. 3. Emotional Problems
  6. 4. Career Problems
  7. Conclusion

Many adult people remember their student years as the best period of life. It’s a careless time when there are a lot of friends around you. Every day you visit fantastic parties, and the future exam seems to be the most serious problem and you should find college essay examples. Unfortunately, our memory tends to forget the bad and remember only good things. Young grad (doesn’t matter, boy or girl), who faces a dynamic job market, also enters a great variety of issues. And not everyone who graduated from a university can overcome crisis. The first months after graduating are the most terrible because you understand that you need to find a perfect job. You dream about a large office, friendly colleagues, creative tasks, business trips all around the world, and a competitive salary. You send your job application to different companies to show your best skills and university bits of knowledge. Unfortunately, real life shows that your application is not ideal, and prospect employers show that they are not ready to solve your career issues.

What Does an Employer Think about a Graduate?

What are the characteristics of a grad in the eyes of an employer? Unexperienced, ambitious, self-assured, with a poorly worded CV. After the interview, you may hear comments that you’re verdant and don’t meet the requirements of the job description. You don’t have enough skills to use specific and necessary programs.

Your self-esteem took a significant hit; you start to compare yourself with friends who are more successful because their parents run business and can provide them with constant support. Thus, you face hot post grad problems! If you’re already graduated or if you only are going to graduate in several months, this article is recommended for reading. We hope you’ll find out how to solve your post grad problems.

1. Problems with Parents

  • Your parents have exaggerated hopes. This post grad problem is similar to everyone whose parents are worried about giving their child an excellent education. They don’t understand that sometimes you need to start from a small position, and education doesn’t open the doors leading to a prosperous life. How to solve it? Tell your parents about famous people who had worked as cleaners or waiters before they became successful. Show them how much hardworking you are, and their comments about the importance of education will become quieter.
  • You need to go back home after you graduate. It’s also a popular post grad issue, and you may easily solve it if you find resources to start a new life: without your old university friends and habits. By the word, it’s easy to do at your sweet home, where you’re surrounded with love and support. Think about it like it’s time for your personal reloading and preparation for something great in the future. Even if it takes a few months, you will get a new experience and meet new people.
  • Your parents need to pay a loan for your education. Many post grads feel themselves under an obligation to their parents. This issue is extra hot after young people graduate and understand that they don’t need a university specialty. How to solve it? Send your application to the vacancies that you like and start to earn money. Even if it doesn’t help your parents to pay a loan, it can reduce the problem of your financial support.
It is so crucial to understand who you want to be and what skills you have before your graduation. That's why we recommend you to practice a college major test to make the right decision.

2. Problems with Friends

  • Your friends may find the job faster than you. Usually, post grads stay in touch for 4-9 months (but often less a year) after they graduate. And probably you can get some news about their ups-and-downs. One thing you need to learn: never compare yourself to your friends. Show them that you’re glad when they are happy, say words of support when they are disappointed, but never make parallels with your life. Follow your heart and be strong enough to stay higher than all your friends’ comments.
  • Your friends go away or go back home. Post grad problems with friendship seemed to be childishly naive to adults. Friends come and go. Nowadays, when you and your friends are active users of social networks, it’s so easy to share your everyday moments!

3. Emotional Problems

  • You have too much free time. Many postgrads can breathe out after nervous exams and active student life. However, you can feel empty and even useless as you aren’t busy. How to solve it? Remember about hobbies you may try and places you may come. Become a user of some helpful sites or programs where you can study and meet new people. Start doing something exciting to you.
  • Deep depression. If you feel really lost, it can be a serious post grad problem. You need to keep your mind positive and be surrounded by optimistic people. Don’t hesitate to visit a psychologist and pass some tests to understand your career preferences better. Talk about your needs and opportunities. Show all your fears, and be sure that everything runs its course.

4. Career Problems

  • You can’t find a job for a long time. This issue is the most harmful for the post grads. You believe that you have an on-fire specialty, but reality shows something else. How to solve it? Ask your friends, neighbors, or relatives if someone needs help or assistance. You can spend 2-4 hours per day, but you’ll feel yourself better. This way, you get a chance to show your skills, and maybe you’ll finally find your perfect job! If not — think about starting your business. Many Internet users are ready to tell you about their ideas for startups.
  • You found a job, but you feel too smart for it. For example, you make cocktails in the local bar or sell the clothes in your city shopping center. Never forget that you earn money, and you can spend it as you want. You get new experience, develop your communication skills, and this job can be useful in your further career. Many unemployed postgrads would feel jealous about your problem! While they’re waiting for their ideal super job, you’re doing real steps!
  • You want to return to university and get a master’s degree. This post-grad problem needs careful thinking before making a decision. One thing is clear: if you get a master’s degree, it will improve your chances to be promoted over the head of another person, who has a bachelor’s degree.
Be interested in all your study issues and aware of your grades all the time. Keep in touch with your professor. That's why we prepared a sample email to professor regarding grade. Do your best to be successful in your future career. 


The truth is that a primary grad problem is a hot necessity to understand real studying starts after graduating from a university. Now you need to find a balance and take care of many things: pay bills in time, visit a doctor, meet office deadlines, call Mom, as often as possible, have fun with friends and other adult issues. Try to be optimistic in your mind; don’t hesitate to work hard and continue learning. If you need any assistance to create the top-notch CV, send your request to our easy essay writers. The high-quality writing piece is our priority.