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Depending on the type of essay you are working on and the educational establishment you are writing it for, each paper might come in a different formatting and citation guide. Thus, knowing and understanding the difference between APA, MLA, Chicago, and Harvard styles is essential. Lack of understanding of this subject can not only damage your positive image in the eyes of a tutor but also significantly lower your grade. Therefore, to prevent this from happening you should keep your eyes open for peculiarities of every essay format and style. We did our best and collected all the necessary information on how to organize your paper formatting. This information includes but is not limited to details on margins, font size, font type, alignment, cover page, references, appendix, etc. Just make sure what formatting and citation style you are supposed to use and use our guides on how to adjust your paper to these requirements. It is that simple!

APA style format is one of the most popular in the contemporary educational system. It is a must to know how to apply it to various academic tasks correctly. In this article, there is a brief but effective guide for this particular style. You can learn how to create all parts of your paper and create proper citations

APA Style Format From A to Z

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One paper during the course or the semester with APA style paper format is a minimum every student should deal with. These days APA style format is one of the most useful and most of your papers will require this particular format. It is the style also used for official publications. It is a great a...

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If you do not know anything about ASA format and you are about to study sociology in-depth, dedicate some time to reading this user’s guide. It briefly retells the style’s story, explains when students should use it, how to create in-text citations of all types and the way to develop reference list.

ASA Format Style Manual to Guide Students and Young Professionals

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Teachers around the world are committed to educating students in perfect citing practice. Every official documentation in a professional career requires this knowledge. ASA citation format is something students need to write school, college, and university essays, research papers, journal articles, ...

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