How to Write the University of Michigan Essay

How to Write the University of Michigan Essay
Table of Contents
  1. How to Write the University of Michigan Essay
  2. Michigan State University Personal Statement
  3. How to Write the University of Michigan Supplemental Essay #1?
  4. Working Tips :
  5. How to Write the University of Michigan Supplemental Essay #2?
  6. Supplemental essay tips :
  7. What to write in your Why Michigan Essay
  8. Drafting and Revising
  9. Your First Draft
  10. To revise your essay:
  11. Why Michigan: College Admission Essay Sample #1
  12. What interests me about Michigan Engineering: College Admission Essay Sample #2

As a graduate student, to write the "Why this college" essay is an inevitable part of your admission application for any state college as well as most private ones and universities with out-of-state tuition. The essay is not read separately but with all the information that you provide in your application as in an informative essay. This is your only chance to explain to Michigan college admissions readers why you are a good fit for their institution. This is where you become something more than just another candidate's name — it's where you become an individual, and where you can share your personality/goals/experiences, and where you can explain any opportunities or obstacles that could have possibly affected your academic record.

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Michigan State University Personal Statement

Michigan State University is interested in learning more about your background, talents, and experiences and how you plan to apply them to your MSU education and future. Choose one of the personal topics below and write a short essay. We have more than one 500 word essay example at your disposal.

  • Based on your life experiences, how do you anticipate contributing to the cultural life of Michigan State University?
  • In view of your educational experiences and the socio-economic environment in which you grew up, provide an example of a challenge you faced. How did you overcome or strive to overcome this challenge?
  • Describe a specific experience when you learned about a culture different from your own and how it affected or did not affect your worldview.
  • Describe your experiences promoting global understanding and/or the value of diversity in society.

How to Write the University of Michigan Supplemental Essay #1?

The actual writing of a University of Michigan supplemental essay starts with a prompt. You should pick a topic to introduce yourself. You may take your race, geography, community, ethnicity, religion, interests as well as ideology, among others, and your vision towards one. Usually, the length of the essay prompt is 300 words. 

After deciding on the preferred theme for your possible supplemental essay prompt, start brainstorming the major ideas, required academic resources, and then describe the unique qualities that may assist you in impressing the college committee. 

Working Tips:

  • Try to be understandable, and stick to the official tone of the essay writing for colleges. Applying to the university will be greatly dependent on your essay prompts. So, if you already mentioned your intellectual heritage or religion, do not repeat it continuously in other parts of supplemental writing. The valuation team of any undergraduate college or school may find it as a lack of words.
  • Don’t be scared to look odd for colleges. Demonstrate your unique qualities, for example - you belong to the coalition of Star Wars fans or ask yourself a question - why are you unique?
  • Support your interests. Do not finish the prompts with affirmations only. If you wrote that your ideology/ethnicity is distinctive, provide reasons WHY you think so.
  • Find a catchy hook. You may ask what is a hook in an essay. A hook helps attract the reader’s attention to supplemental essay prompts. You may diversify a hook with a funny story by saying that you hardly know the local cuisine and have to learn it to impress neighbors.
  • Speak about your intellectual contribution. It is usually boring to read a supplemental essay, which only shows what any party gave to you. A college application with such writings won’t differ from other students’ submissions. Try to add a word about what you gave to the community or how you support your interests, race, community. Beyond that, applicants should mention in essays how the degree programs may affect their further career.

Do remember that writing a University of Michigan supplemental essay or prompts is not a common essay or common application, as a committee may prefer other students who submit a unique style of writing exclusively. Besides, dual programs of the highest demand will look for supplemental essays from promising students only rather than undergraduates who are interested to learn something for the show. 

How to Write the University of Michigan Supplemental Essay #2?

To pick the best flow for writing a university of Michigan supplemental essay or prompt, an undergraduate has to deal with his motivation for preferred admission or certain dual degree programs. A valuation team of undergraduate college or school will look forward to hearing from a student why specific dual degree programs or science attract him. Thus, you need to describe the unique qualities or your intellectual heritage and explain how one or another curriculum may boost them.

Supplemental essay tips:

  • Avoid speaking of major facts. The committee of the University of Michigan is not a fan of listening to essays prompts or stories of applicants where they relate their unique qualities for applying at the university based on reputation, further career, community, geography, students’ coalition varieties ONLY.
  • Explain how you may become better with a degree. Describe your potential growth of intellectual skills with them, desire to make educational events, visit students thematic clubs to promote positivity among other students, or your plans for a dual degree or science where you want to change history.
  • Find UCM students’ stories of success. It may give an undergraduate the inspiration to submit a college application more productively because of knowing possible curriculum or challenges.

Then, let’s proceed with a question - What may help you write it fast but qualitatively? Learn the next steps:

  1. Start with the research of common applications online. Find the required resources to help you be more diverse in statements - favorite books and proverbs, etc. See what students wrote before, and add a word about what attracts you specifically.
  2. Create an outline. All the applications alongside essays should be structured. Your writing should be of the following order:

Hook - thesis - #1 academic offering you are interested in - #2 academic offering you are interested in - additional interests - conclusion

  1. Write the first draft. Do not worry about rewriting all continuously, as any undergraduate college clearly understands how much effort students put behind submitting the final version for any degree program. 

A final tip for essays or common application is to not be afraid of communicating with professors or students of UMC before entering it (it concerns their events, lectures, or a speaking club as well). All this will only support your dedication to choosing this place, and the committee will see it in your essay.

What to write in your Why Michigan Essay

1. Approach this paper as a "Why we are perfect for each other" one.

Imagine you're on a date and the person sitting across from you leans in to ask, "So, why do you like me?" You can't just say, "Because you're cool." You will have to be a little more specific to answer. In order to prove you and the college are destined for each other, you’ll want to write about connections between the two of you. How?

2. Create two columns, label one "What I want from Michigan" and the other "What they have."

While conducting a research about Michigan, note about 15 specific reasons why you are great for each other.

For example, if the University has a program in music and business studies, indicate this in the right column. Next to this (in the left column) write down why this program is ideal for you. Or maybe you are interested in taking part in some extracurricular activities or learning Arabic Language and Literature? Indicate it in the left column, and then find something relevant that the school offers either academically or extracurricularly (for your information only, but do not use it in your paper), and put it in the right column.

How does this help? It will take your essay from level of:

Michigan's famous heritage, its awesome activities and cool communities in Ann Arbor are just a few reasons why I believe UM is the right place for me!

to the level of...

I look forward to academic argumentation as well as professional writing, as I believe these courses will provide me with a firm basis in journalistic writing technique and improve my abilities to write analytically and advance firmly-backed arguments. Furthermore, the Professional Writing course will teach me how to write in a pithy, candid style, a skill vital to a journalist.

3. Mention specific classes, professors, clubs and activities that you will actually be excited about being a part of.

Imagine yourself on campus as a freshman. What are you doing? What conversations are you having? How are you involved? Meaning - "You can't get too specific".

Here's a good gauge to know what’s relevant and appropriate. Ask these questions:

  1. Am I showing that I've done my research?
  2. Am I demonstrating my intelligence?
  3. Am I connecting what they have to what I have/want?

If you’re doing all three, keep it in. If you’re not doing any of these, consider cutting. And - it's worth repeating: often Michigan students only say why the college is awesome. But remember that this essay is not about why it is. The college knows it’s awesome; the admissions readers spend a lot of their time telling students like you why it's awesome. Make important and interesting connections.

4. Keep in mind this is another chance to show a few more of your skills/talents/ interests/passions.

Try this: make a list of 10 things you definitely want the school to know about you. Ask yourself: are all these values/qualities in my main essay or another supplement? If not, the "Why us" may be a place to include a few more details about who you are. But remember: connect it to some amazing opportunity/program/offering at or near the school.

Drafting and Revising

A draft is a work in progress. A good essay undergoes several revisions - don’t assume that your first draft is your best draft! Composing often involves going back and forth among planning the paper, generating ideas, organizing the contents, and editing the results. Drafting allows you to get the most out of these composing stages. Through the brainstorming and gathering information stages, you have generated the raw material to compose effectively. Now you will begin the process of creating your writing.

Your First Draft

In a first draft, you are attempting to capture your essay’s meaning and get it down on paper. In this way, you are attempting to draw out the essay’s concept. Use your first draft to formulate a working introduction and organize your ideas.

A first draft is often the skeleton of the paper; it contains the overall structure but may lack a clear theme, vivid language, fully developed paragraphs, and strong transition words and phrases.

Revising Your Draft

The key to revising your essay is to determine how it appears not just to you, but to your reader. So - think like an admissions counselor! Remember that readers need a sense of your essay’s structure and a clear idea of why they should read your essay in the first place.

To revise your essay:

Step One: Concentrate on the whole by examining your essay’s frame: the introduction, the conclusion, and a sentence in each that states your main theme. Ask the following questions: Will my reader know where my introduction ends and where the body of my essay begins? Will my reader know where the body of my paper ends and where my conclusion begins? Will my reader know which sentence is the main sentence in my introduction, and which is the main sentence in my conclusion?

Step Two: Examine your essay for continuity. Make sure that your points work together conceptually - that is, that key points are unified by your writing’s theme.

Step Three: Revise for focus, clarity and depth. Make sure that the skeleton of your personal statement is fleshed out with sufficient examples, fully developed paragraphs, and meaningful prose.

Every student should prepare for different kinds of tests. So, make time to read and find out the best way to study for a test.

Why Michigan: College Admission Essay Sample #1

Even in the very Southwest corner of the continental United States, 2301 miles away and weather patterns worlds away from Ann Arbor, it seems that ever since I began the process of college exploration, I cannot escape the presence of UMichigan. The Ohio State vs. Michigan game is on the living room television. UMichigan frequents my Facebook page, boasting its existence in every top ten list known to mankind. Every adult I know seems to have graduated from there, and cannot refrain from raving enthusiastically about their ideal and memorable college experiences.

I think the universe is trying to tell me something.

As someone who likes to be involved and is interested in many seemingly incongruent areas of study, from International Relations to Neuroscience, I am applying to the College of Literature, Science and the Arts at UMichigan because it seems to cater to a broad range of educational interests with its liberal arts curriculum and vast opportunities for involvement. It’s hard to know what field you want to pursue for the rest of your life when the federal government doesn’t even deem you a legal adult. Thankfully, I can pursue more than one passion under the broad umbrella of this college, finding my niche along the way.

However it is UMichigan’s seemingly endless opportunities for extracurricular involvement that draws me to this school, enough to even apply early action. Research positions from the Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program are noted to be readily available to interested undergraduates, study abroad programs are rampant at the Center for Global and Intercultural Study, The Ginsberg Center provides opportunities to give back, the LSA honors program is top notch, professors are accessible, and the page of student organizations took me two hours to scroll through. With clubs from Hips Don’t Lie to Aerial Silk Club Revolution to Friends of the Gargoyle, I don’t know when I will ever find time to sleep.

But as a recent UMichigan graduate reminded me a few weeks ago, I could most likely find the quality education I am looking for at any school to which I’m applying. What sets UMichigan apart and has allowed it to climb to the top of my list, what has persuaded me to apply early action, is the frequently-cited, unforgettable, ideal college experience shared by its students. I am of the persuasion that college life (and for that matter, all of life) is about balance. My grades can attest to the fact that I am a committed student and will work hard at whatever school I attend. However, college is not simply a means to an end. From all that I have heard from people I trust, and from all that I have read and researched, UMichigan seems to offer an ideal environment for education, engagement, and growth. And I will enjoy the ride.


What interests me about Michigan Engineering: College Admission Essay Sample #2

I’m sure that it won’t be the last. However, the first really difficult academic decision I’ve made was in February, 2015: choosing my A-Level subjects. Overnight, I had to cut down my earlier eleven subjects, many of which I had really enjoyed – to just four. I was certain that I wanted to continue with Sciences and Mathematics. After several days of self-questioning, I chose Economics. What I really wanted was a certain breadth of education.

Michigan Engineering is exactly what I am looking for because of its commitment to enriching rigorous engineering studies with Intellectual Breadth courses. The interdependent skill sets and context gained by studying Humanities, Liberal Arts and Professional and Creative Development are peerlessly valuable to any engineering student. I intend to continue with Economics, and am keen to add on other courses such as Psychology.

Nonetheless, while studying my A Levels, I have enjoyed stretching my limits and rigorously applying my knowledge to solve real world problems. This sparked my interest in civil engineering – it is the profession of problem solvers, who use their skills to shape and to improve the environment in which people live. I relished finding links between my subjects; engineering, sustainability and business systems are inherently interrelated. To further my interest in the proliferation of clean technology, I undertook several internships. First, I completed a lighting energy audit for my neighbourhood with Beacon Energy Solutions and extended it to make judgments about the energy consumption of my city. Next, I learnt about sustainable certification for buildings and different energy management business models at a contracting company. Lastly, I focused on systems like BIM and Chiller performance modelling. Michigan Engineering is uniquely positioned to help me to advance such dabblings in Sustainable Engineering with its myriad courses in this field. In particular, I look forward to taking Professor Adriaens’ classes on Business basics for entrepreneurs to hopefully build a strong foundation for a future career in green technology. Another exciting feature of Michigan is the College’s unique Program in Sustainable Engineering. The Energy Economics and Environmental Ethics courses both look promising and are organically interrelated with my core interest.

Although my primary interest is civil engineering, the College would allow me to explore many disciplines in my first year. I look forward to working alongside students pursuing other streams in the Multidisciplinary Design Program, and participating in the Summer Undergraduate Research in Engineering program, to experience how classroom theory plays out in real life.

I also intend to explore the range of extracurriculars offered with a vengeance. The vibrant University Musical Society would let me keep up my interest in music. A native of Eastern India, I would join the Association for India’s Development and Gates Millennium Scholars to explore issues and engage in their community service activities. At the end of four years at Michigan I hope to graduate as an engineer, having explored my interests in civil engineering and sustainability to the fullest, with a life and vision outside my core subject.