Modern Teachers and Their Duties

Modern Teachers and Their Duties

Selecting a good school for your child is never an easy thing to do. Parents searching for a school their kids pay attention to a lot of details:

  • School has to be located in a nice, safe area
  • It has to be well-equipped with technology and learning materials
  • School has to offer after-school programs and extracurricular activities for kids
  • It is even better if a school has a pool and gym

Yes, all the things mentioned above do matter for some parents who want their children to feel comfortable in school. However, there is something that every child needs more than dance classes and a gym. Children need HIGH-QUALITY EDUCATION. Usually, before they send children to a particular school, parents do research and try to compare the possible options and decide on the best one. They read other parents’ and students’ reviews, visit these schools and communicate with teachers, and search for information in other available resources. The most demanding parents check these schools’ statistics to see how they have been doing over the last five years. Why is this important? Take two schools: one school is considered the leading institution, whereas the second one is just a good, decent school. This is where the statistics plays its role. If indicators of a good, decent school have been regularly increasing, and the students’ performance has been improving, then parents conclude that this school has great potential. The leading school, however, could have given away its position. So, you will see that the leading school offers worse quality of education each year. Probably, you will want to send your child to a school with better perspectives. Although maintaining a school’s good status is not easy and requires contribution of many people, teachers are the ones who matter the most.

Teachers’ Hard Work

Becoming a teacher sounds attractive before you realize how many requirements teachers have to meet. If you think that a single degree in education is enough, you are wrong. A good specialist in any field has to constantly develop his/ her skills, and teachers must do it in the first place. The reason why it is so important is that they do not just perform some work – they educate further generations of future specialist in many fields. A lot depends on the platform of knowledge that a teacher helps students build. Unfortunately, often teachers’ hard work is not evaluated properly. Obviously, there must be a reason why, for instance, in the UK teachers leave in their first year. When teachers have no opportunities for professional development, they feel they get stuck and cannot provide children with the necessary knowledge about their discipline. Teachers work in a stressful environment. They do not simply give children information about the subject. In addition to teaching, they are involved into a very complex process of children’s upbringing. Each class requires an individual approach, and it is teachers’ job to help each class become as successful as possible. Let’s now look at the list of teachers’ duties:

  • Teachers have to demonstrate their competency and pedagogical expertise in the subject they teach;
  • Teachers are responsible for safe, friendly, and respectful learning environment for a diverse population of students;
  • Teachers have to approach each student as individuality with a specific set of strength and interests. At the same time teachers cannot mark out particular students. Their approach, but not the attitude, has to be individual.
  • Teachers have to communicate with students’ families and provide them with constructive feedback about their learning. Of course, they should be ready that some parents won’t agree with their teaching method and recommendations. Often teacher’s need to educate not only a child, but also this child’s whole family.
  • They have to enrich their own knowledge about different cultures. Today they should be able to teach in multicultural classrooms. It is their task to foster children’s respect toward each other.
  • They have to know how to use modern tools and devices. A lot of schools are equipped with ICT, or Information and Communication technologies. Teachers must be able to effectively incorporate them to the educational process.
  • Teachers have to use different kinds of students’ assessment to use the result for development of further instruction.
  • They always have to be ready for changing teaching situations. Teachers are the ones who know which method or technique to use to make sure that students’ physical, psychological, and cultural security is guaranteed.
  • They need to establish contact with parents, other teachers, and communities to demonstrate leadership.

We have just summed up some of the requirements for teachers’ quality. If you are curious and want to know more about assessment of teachers; quality, you should read this article: It will give you an overview of methods that are used to measure teachers’ competence and expertise. There are a huge number of factors which make a teacher a great teacher. There are specialists who receive international awards for their contribution to children’s learning and development. These teachers manage to establish international relations with other school and organize exchange programs for students from different countries. But to have motivated teachers school must offer motivating environments. Unfortunately, not everywhere teachers are satisfied with their job. Our only hope is that more attention will be paid to children’s education. Every single child deserves to have a motivated teacher who can help him/ her become successful and happy. If your teacher assigns too many tasks to you, you may need professional help.