Students Need Healthy Diet for Healthy Brain

Students Need Healthy Diet for Healthy Brain

Students belong to the group of people that never have time to take care of their health. They are always in a rush because yesterday’s party lasted a little longer and today’s classes start too early and numerous homework assignments cannot wait till tomorrow. Even if students cannot find a free hour during the week to go to the gym, it is alright because they are always running from one building on campus to another, from one bus stop to another, and from one party in their neighborhood to another one that is downtown. However, being so busy makes it practically impossible to keep their brain fit. Naturally, they are always studying and gaining new knowledge, but sometimes it is important to remember that school is obligatory and people get used to it. Human’s brain, however, needs to be more active and requires additional help.

Eat healthy food

It is obvious that our brain shall not live by knowledge alone. Our entire body needs good, healthy products, and our brain is an integral part of this body. It might be tempting to buy a slice of pizza or a cheeseburger because it is fast and not expensive, but eating this way won’t make your student life easier. Students’ brain needs to digest so much information and so many details from various unrelated fields that they must care about what kind of food their stomach digests. Are there any products that help people think faster and improve their memory? The answer is yes, and a lot. Hopefully, you eat vegetable salads from time to time. If so, this is already good and healthy. But the type of salad dressing you use also matters. The winner is an oil-based dressing because it is high in vitamin E, as well as peanut butter and seeds and nuts. Vitamin E deficiency is extremely bad for people’s brain activity, and students must eat more products that contain this vitamin, such as almonds, cereals, and spinach. Experts also advise to eat such products as blueberries (they protect human’s brain from oxidative stress), fish (it contains healthy omega-3 fats that stimulate brain function), and avocados (they keep your blood flow healthy). If you are interested in having a specific diet, you should see a professional who will help you individually.

Keep your mind active

When you are a student, your mind has to be active. But sometimes you may feel that you are becoming a robot because you have a scheme of work and you always follow it. In your schedule there always must be a class that differs from the rest of the courses you take. We understand that you have a particular major, but this major sometimes limits you. Students need to see a bigger picture and always look around. It is great if you enjoy what you study, but let your brain switch from a familiar subject to something that you do not know. Your brain needs to wake up, and a little stress is sometimes healthy because people need to leave their comfort zone. Then they increase their brain activity. If you study psychology or languages, take a class in Computer Science. If you are an IT student, think of some courses offered on the Department of Linguistics or Anthropology. Your goal is to break the nutshell and look at the world from a different angle. When your brain is exhausted, it cannot be active. Sometimes reading a good interesting book helps your brain relax. Quite often it helps one sleep better as well. Good sleep is crucial, and if you dream about languages of programming or mathematical formulas, this is a very bad sign. If your brain cannot relax while you are sleeping, it won’t be able to function to its fullest when you are awake. Another way to boost your brain potential is to learn a new language. First of all, it can always be helpful and won’t look bad on your resume. Second, this will fasten your brain processes. Third, learning a new language and a new culture will make your mind more open. Besides, you always have a chance to visit a foreign country and meet a lot of great people there. As you can see, keeping your brain sharp is not so complicated if only you add a couple of interesting activities to your fixed schedule. Yes, people are very conservative and feel comfortable when everything is going the familiar way, but small changes are important in people’s life because they can bring a lot of joy and happiness. Besides, they cause a little healthy stress and help your brain function more actively. We would also like to mention that living in a city has a lot of advantages because you have access to all places that you like so much, such as movie theatres, night clubs, shopping malls, etc. But everybody needs to go away from this big city routine and spend a day or two out of town, playing volleyball or soccer and enjoying nature and fresh air. Our brain needs fresh air as much as it needs a good book. Just take a couple of friends, make sure you have nice music, and drive your car somewhere far from civilization. Sometimes school can wait, and you need to enjoy this life as much as you can. So eat healthy, read good books, and keep your brain active.