Fresh Research Paper Topics for Everyone (2020)

Fresh Research Paper Topics for Everyone (2020)
Table of Contents
  1. Fresh Research Paper Topics for Everyone (2020)
  2. What is a research paper
  3. Research paper structure
  4. How to write a research paper
  5. What is a good research paper topic
  6. How to pick a good research paper topic
  7. What is a good research paper topics
  8. Ideas for best topics for a research paper
  9. High school research paper topics
  10. College research paper topics
  11. Environment research paper topics
  12. Controversial research paper topics
  13. Argumentative research paper topics
  14. Business ethics research paper topics
  15. History research paper topics
  16. Art research paper topics
  17. Gender studies research paper topics
  18. Health and medicine research paper topics
  19. Need help with research paper writing?

If you have just become a college student, you should be aware that at one point in time, you will receive an assignment to write a research paper. This academic task is rather tricky and often makes students stressed due to its difficulty, tight deadlines, and numerous other assignments. This article was written by professional writers to help you cope with this task, by explaining the peculiarities of research paper writing  and giving a comprehensive list of research paper ideas for every student.

What is a research paper

A research paper is an academic task that is more complicated and longer than an essay. It usually consists of five parts. The purpose of a research paper is to investigate the chosen topic. The author should collect the existing information from the reliable sources on the chosen topic, analyze it, and draw a conclusion based on the research done. To conduct a research, a student should be well versed in the topic and be interested in it.

Research paper structure

The structure of a research paper also differs from say informative essay or synthesis essay as it is longer and more difficult task. Research paper should include

  • Abstract
  • Introduction
  • Methods
  • Results
  • Discussion
  • References 
  • Appendix

These are the common structural components of a research paper. However, you should always check the instructions of your assignment attentively, as your instructor might ask you to include other components such as keywords, literature review, recommendations, implementation, and conclusion.

How to write a research paper 

To write a research paper you should definitely have a plan not to mess up the process and not to miss any details.

  1. Understand the instructions and assignment. Take your time to read and reread your assignment several times. You should understand all the peculiarities if you want to write a comprehensive research paper. In case you do not understand some parts of the assignment or some points seem ambiguous, always ask your professor. It is better to ask, than lose points.
  2. Choose the topic. Another step is choosing the topic. Many students just pick the first one that comes to their mind and then spend sleepless nights because they cannot cover it, miss some information, have not enough knowledge, or simply don’t like the topic. To avoid such unpleasant situations, choose the topics for your research carefully. We will explain how to choose a good topic further in the article
  3. Write down a thesis statement. The next step is formulating the main idea of your research, i.e. thesis statement. If your paper lacks thesis statement, it will be incomplete. Thus, write down a strong thesis statement, which will give a direction to your paper.
  4. Formulate research questions. After this, write down research questions. This is also an important stage in research writing, which cannot be skipped. Research questions are the exact questions you are going to answer in your paper.
  5. Create an outline.  When you are done with the main questions to answer, create an outline. It is the plan of your research. You can make it either simple, providing only the general main idea for each part of your paper, or create a detailed outline.
  6. Write down the parts of the research paper. After the pre-writing stage, draft your research paper. It will be easy now, as you have a logical plan and only have to follow it and develop the ideas.
  7. Cite all the sources. When writing a research, you will definitely rely on and quote different sources. Make sure you cite all the borrowed ideas. Otherwise, it will be considered plagiarism. Also, follow the required formatting style. The most common are APA, MLA, and Chicago. But all of them have their formatting peculiarities, which should be followed.
  8. Proofread, edit, and check for plagiarism. The last but not the least point is to proofread your paper. It will help you avoid any grammar, formatting, or stylistic mistakes. Also, check your paper for plagiarism before submitting.

What is a good research paper topic 

Students often underevaluate the importance of a good topic for a research. That is why, they might have difficulties when writing the paper as well as might be unable to complete a good paper. Thus, is it important to understand what is a good research paper topic. It is:

  • Relevant to the course
  • Picked following the instructions
  • Chosen considering the audience/reader
  • Interesting
  • Up-to-date

How to pick a good research paper topic  

Now, lets get to the point. To choose a pertinent topics follow these simple steps.

  1. Understand the instructions. First of all, read the instructions attentively to find out what the instructor wants to see in this research. Make it as early as possible, so that in case you do not understand something, you had time to clarify this question with the professor.
  2. Think about your interests. A good topic for a student is the topic they like. It’s no secret that a person will tell a more interesting story about the things they like. Thus, think of the ideas you would like to cover first.
  3. Brainstorm and then narrow down the list. First, write down all the ideas that come to your mind. Then, you may try to find some interesting ideas online. After you have a full list of ideas, re-read it and leave only a couple of the most interesting topics.
  4. Make research and find resources. Make a research to find out whether there is enough information available to cover the chosen topic. You must have all the necessary resources to complete your paper.
  5. Create a thesis statement and an outline. There must be one main idea in your research. Thus, formulate a strong thesis statement to understand the general direction of your research. After this, write down an outline, in which you should point to the all main ideas you are going to cover in your paper.

What is a good research paper topics

Choosing the first topic from the list does not guarantee you an A+. You should choose the one you are well versed in or at least interesting in. Apart from that consider the following indicators of a good research topic:

  • The topic is interesting for you
  • It is interesting for your audience, too
  • It is relevant
  • There are enough resources to underpin your research and arguments with, such as examples, facts, and evidence.
  • It corresponds to the instructions assigned by the professor

Ideas for best topics for a research paper

If you out of ideas but need to find a good one for your research, check this least. We have collected the most interesting research paper topics ideas for every discipline and level. You will be able to get a ready topic or the list will serve as an inspiration for you.

word topic against yellow background

High school research paper topics

  1. How to treat bullies at school
  2. Benefits and drawbacks of wearing school uniforms
  3. Should students receive homework?
  4. Are same sex schools effective?
  5. The importance of teaching financial literacy at school
  6. Main sociological problems of teenagers at schools
  7. The outcomes of WWII for the world
  8. Physically or mentally challenged students should visit special educations establishments
  9. Dangers of online dating
  10. Social networks at schools should be banned

College research paper topics

  1. Are standardized tests effective
  2. Sportsmen should not receive scholarships
  3. United States - North Korea relationship
  4. Why it is important to have a part-time job when in college
  5. Why we should get used to distant learning
  6. Healthy ways to cope with stress
  7. Why school/college dropouts have more chances to become millionnaires
  8. Trump presidency outcomes
  9. Importance of sex education
  10. How to become a successful student

Environment research paper topics

  1. Major environmental pollution in the 21 century
  2. Recycling helps make environment cleaner
  3. Negative effects of deforestation on environment
  4. Is there a relationship between vegetarianism and greenhouse effect? 
  5. Why do people keep using plastic if they know it’s harmful for the ecology?
  6. Is it possible to totally refuse from plastic usage?
  7. How to protect marine life from water pollution?
  8. The world most devastating natural disasters in history
  9. The effect of oil spills on environment, in particular on marine life
  10. Plants should pay taxes equal to the danger they bring to the environment.

Controversial research paper topics

  1. Religion vs Church
  2. Should fathers take a paternal leave?
  3. Is capital punishment another crime?
  4. Euthanasia is a help or homicide
  5. Glass ceiling does not exist in 2020 anymore
  6. Aborting is a woman’s human right
  7. AI will never replace manpower
  8. Surrogacy should not be forbidden
  9. What is the right punishment for irresponsible parents
  10. Police should not be allowed to use guns

Argumentative research paper topics

  1. Organ transplantation after death is unethical
  2. Hunting is unethical. It should be banned
  3. Internet makes people stupid
  4. The best country for life is the US
  5. Church is not the same as religion
  6. All the governments are corrupt
  7. Money can buy happiness
  8. TV series either idealize or dramatize numerous aspects of life
  9. Wearing school uniforms will help reduce cases of bullying
  10. Social media is not an objective source of news anymore

Business ethics research paper topics

  1. What business is considered ethical?
  2. How does a corporate ethical positively influences employees
  3. Recycling culture at the workplace
  4. GDPR drawbacks and benefits
  5. Is monitoring employees browser history ethical?
  6. Ways to improve job dedication and satisfaction among employees
  7. Is it ethical to shoot children for the commercials?
  8. Should every little company have a code of ethics?
  9. How to make every workplace decision ethical?
  10. Ways for supporting and promoting ethical environment at the workplace.

History research paper topics

  1. Italian vs German nacizm
  2. Greek vs Roman culture
  3. The world's most famous inventions by Egyptia people
  4. The Azteck culture
  5. Vietnam war causes and repercussions
  6. Martin Luther figure in the US history
  7. Great Depression causes
  8. What if there was no Cold War?
  9. Milestones of the American history
  10. Causes of results of Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombing

 Art research paper topics 

  1. Monet vs Manet
  2. Andy Warhol is the founding father of Pop culture
  3. Why is Black Square considered a masterpiece
  4. Iggy Pop as a milestone of the rock culture
  5. The history of jazz development
  6. What is the secret of Mona Lisa
  7. Life is art?
  8. Does nature mimic art or visa versa
  9. Feminists in the US culture
  10. Is modern art an art?

Gender studies research paper topics

  1. Feminists movements in the US
  2. Sexism in movies and commercial
  3. Are men and women equal?
  4. Men and women at occupying the same position should receive equal payment
  5. Glass ceiling is a shame of the XXI century
  6. Celebrities’ coming outs
  7. Why modern kids have problems with self-identification
  8. It is normal for a woman to work and a man to take a paternal leave
  9. Is gender equality possible
  10. The origins of sexism

Health and medicine research paper topics

  1. 3D printing technologies in medicine
  2. Is there a healthy diet?
  3. Why is sport essential for mental health
  4. Real causes of increased obesity rates
  5. What led to an opioid crisis?
  6. Is fast food really the only main cause of high obesity rates in the US
  7. Unhealthy diets are common reasons of eating disorders among teenagers
  8. Medicine should be free, but doctors should receive higher payment
  9. Countries with the most develop medicine
  10. The danger of taking painkillers

Need help with research paper writing? 

Now you have a comprehensive list of topics ideas and can choose one to complete your paper. But if you need assistance with the topic choice, not sure you can do it write and  there is a thought in your head I need to find someone to do my essay, try essay writing service. Our professional writers will help you with any paper writing issues starting with topic choice to writing and editing. Use online writing services to save your time and get high grades.