Easy Tips on How to Write Outstanding Narrative Essay Topics

Easy Tips on How to Write Outstanding Narrative Essay Topics

A majority of students experiences writer’s block in school with no idea on what topic to write. In some circumstances, college tutor may assign a topic for narrative essay. In most cases, the task requires to identify a topic of your choice. A writer need to select a topic that he or she is passionate about; it determines the flow of essay. If a topic is good, the chances that you will write an interesting narrative essay which will appeal to your readers are high.

If you find it challenging, you can order your narrative essay from a custom writing service. The essence of this article is to offer you the best ideas for the foundation of your topic. We shall focus on giving simple ideas you can use to come up with exceptional narrative essay topics for college assignment. Before we proceed, here is a clear definition of a narrative essay.

What is a Narrative Essay?

It is a technique of writing that involves storytelling from your point of view as a writer. Each person has different experiences in their life; these form part of the stories they can narrate later on through writing. Taking a trip to a new place, you gain new insights. Experiencing life-changing moment or event, your perspective widens due to the new encounters. These shape you into a good narrative writer. The primary purpose of writing a narrative essay is to intensely describe a personal experience to entertain, educate, or connect people.

Ideas on Narrative Essay Topics

In this section, we shall delve into the several ideas that you can derive your narrative essay topics & examples. The following are concepts you can use as a basis for your topic.


As a student, school is the most fundamental aspect that has shaped your personality since the early years of your life. Each person has different story about their experience in school. There are challenges & memorable moments in your school life; writing about your school, do it in a unique way because only you can tell this story.

Some of the topics you can choose are:

  • Write about your first day in high school.
  • Who was your favorite teacher?
  • The most difficult experience in school.

Life Experience

The purpose of narrative essay is to mold you into a storyteller through your experiences. If you want to write a captivating essay, you should thoroughly brainstorm each life experience before you settle on a topic. It does not matter whether it is a bad or good experience if you describe it vividly. An excellent narrative essay should capture the attention of your readers.

The following are topics you can select:

  • Write about the best day of your life.
  • The day you lost everything making a wrong decision.
  • The scariest experience that has ever happened to you.


This is a time of great connections in a child’s life. As a child, you are free to explore with friends & family members - you are naïve & curious. You must have an interesting story to narrate about your childhood escapades. Travel down the memory lane & remember a situation that can set a pace to your narrative essay topic.

The examples you can use are:

  • Talk about your childhood best friend.
  • Who was your hero in childhood?
  • Write about your best memory in your childhood years.

College life

Life in college is both exciting & full of new experiences. There is freedom - meet people from diverse places, live in a new environment. As a student, you may encounter crazy episodes during a social event or at a friend’s party. These are great ideas to write about - college years are the most interesting times in a person’s life.

  • Write about the craziest experience in college
  • Did college life change your perspective on education?
  • Is college a requirement is considered successful in life?


Every trip you take is an untold story. Traveling you gain new insights about a particular place, its people, & culture. You have a unique perception that you can narrate in details to your readers after your journey. It can be a basis for your narrative essay topic.

  • Write about your favorite travel destination.
  • Talk about your first travel experience in a foreign country.
  • What is your travel starter pack?


As they say, no man is an island, every person has a close relationship with other people. You have sentimental memories about your parents & siblings; a narrative essay about family is real & raw. Friends & loved ones are a great source of deriving narrative essay topics.

  • Write about your biggest fall out with your parents.
  • Have you ever been a victim of rejection?
  • The worst betrayal from a person you considered a friend.


Most people face challenges in the workplace as well as inspiring moments. Writers can develop appealing narratives from their jobs. You can read the following examples of topics that you can use in your narrative essay:

  • The most challenging experience in your career life.
  • What do you love about your job?
  • Who is your mentor?

Personal Interests

Where does your passion lie? What are your hobbies or interests? It is important to ask yourself these questions first before you write a narrative essay. Identify what your interest is & you will write a passionate essay. Your narrative will appeal to your readers.

  • What is your talent & can it steer you to success?
  • Your favorite film & why you love it.
  • What do enjoy doing during your free time?

Need Help?

Writing a narrative essay, you have the freedom to write mostly from life experiences; students can choose from a variety of topics like school, life events or even a personal story. You may become stuck on the best idea for a narrative. As easy as it may seem, it is challenging to most students because they do not understand the weight of the topic & its impact on the whole essay. If you are in such a situation, then contact our managers today. We’ll make a perfect essay on any topic! You never risk your grades & academic reputation.
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