The Latest Rules in MLA Style - Be the First to Know

The Latest Rules in MLA Style - Be the First to Know
Table of Contents
  1. The Latest Rules in MLA Style - Be the First to Know
  2. How to write in MLA:
  3. MLA style guide for every essay writer
  4. MLA formatting for all pages
  5. How to make a list?
  6. Grammar and punctuation
  7. MLA in-text citations
  8. Works Cited page
  10. Get help with MLA style

If an essay writer wants to have the paper meet the requirements regarding structure and style, they should read this article to the last line. We’ll describe every essay writer the rules with simple words and give you examples to make your editing routine easy as pie.

MLA is a formatting and citation standard widely used in academic and professional writing in English. When we talk about the MLA style, we mean that the essay writer will mention the name of the book or the publication, date, publisher, and the number of pages. We’ll have a look at the updated 8th edition of the MLA Handbook and extract the most significant issues for every essay writer out of there.

How to write in MLA:

  • An essay writer doesn’t need to use a period between such blocks as a publisher, date of publication and pagination. You will need a comma instead.
  • You don’t need medium anymore.
  • It’s better to use “Accessed” instead of the abbreviation.

MLA style guide for every essay writer

When you become an essay writer, you have to follow some formatting rules that we’ll describe below. You can read all of them or stop only at those that you don’t know.

Cover page. There’s no need to add a separate cover page. According to the MLA formatting rules, a separate title page is optional and should not be added to most written works. According to the rules, you only have to mention the follwing detailes in the upper left corent of your paper:

  • your name
  • professor
  • course
  • date

  However, your tutor may ask you to add a cover page for an essay in MLA format. If the guidelines for the title page were not provided by your professor, as an essay writer, you will have to:

  • Put the heading in the center
  • Separate a subheading with a colon
  • All important words should start with a capital letter
  • Put your name in the center of the page: First name, Last name
  • Put the course name at the bottom of the page and the tutor’s name
Header. Accorinf to 8th edition of MLA formatting style, there should be a header on every page of your paper. Mention your surname and page number in the upper right corner of your paper.
Example: Jenkins 1.

MLA formatting for all pages

As an essay writer, you should type in the text on a standard A4 paper 8.5 x 11 inches size. Use double space between the lines and use Times New Roman font for good readability.

No matter what font the essay writer picks up, the Association of Modern Languages ​​(ASL) recommends that the regular font and italics should be easily distinguished. The font size should be 12. You should always put a space after a punctuation mark.

The width of all document margins should be 2.54 cm. The margin of the first line of each paragraph from the left margin should be 1.27 cm. ASA recommends using a Tab key here. 

Pages should be sequentially numbered in the upper right corner of the header after indenting 1.27 cm from the top edge of the sheet, but without indenting from the right margin. (Note: If the tutor hasn’t given you other requirements).

How to make a list?

As an essay writer, you have a few variants of lists that you can use in your paper. First, you need to make a statement to which you will refer a list of items. There should be a colon after this statement and the list will come after it. You can just name the items and separate them with a comma - you can change the font to italics in this case. Or an essay writer can make a bulleted list and use the same standard font for all the list items.

Grammar and punctuation

When an essay writer focuses only on accurate grammar and spelling, some punctuation specifics of the MLA style can be omitted. It may sound a bit sad for you but you will need to check every comma, period, and other punctuation marks to meet all the requirements and standards.

And you should carefully pick up corresponding grammar rules to make your text look consistent. This mostly refers to the use of citations and picking up the right tense form by an essay writer.

MLA in-text citations

MLA formatting presupposes author page number citation style. It means, that you do not need to mention the year of the publication in your in-text citations but have to mention the page numbers you have taken the information from. Important: there should be no comma or other punctuation marks between the author and page number in the in-text citations according to the MLA style manual, unlike in Chicago or APA.
Example: George Orwell opens up his famous 1864 with thedescription of the day (Orwell 3).
If you want to add a direct quote, add the quotation marks to the text.
Example: He starts is as a simple story, "It was bright cold day in April, and the clocks were striking thirteen"( Orwell 3).
If you need to cite the source by three or more authors, mention only the firs author, add et al. and the page number.
Example: (Miller et al. 78).

Works Cited page

Works Cited is a cited list in which the writer should mention all the resouces used in writing the essay, research paper, or any other type of the writing. Based on the types of the sources, they should be formatted in different ways and corresponding information on the source should be provided.
1. Printed book
Last name, Firs name. Title of the Book. Publication city, Publisher, Publication date.
2. Electronic sources
Page on a Website.

Author (if known). "Title of Page or Article." Website, publication date (if known), link to the page. date of access.
An article in web magazine.
Last name, First name. "Title of the Article." Title of the Web Magazine, Publication date, link to the article, date of access.
Article in an online scholarly journal that is available online only
Last name, First name. "Title of the Article." Title of the Scholarly Journal. volume number, issue, date, link to the article, date of access.
Article in an online scholarly journal that is available both online and in print version
Last name, First name. "Title of the Article." Title of the Scholarly Journal. volume number, issue, date, page range in a print version. link to the article, date of access.
3. Periodicals
Article in magazine or newspaper.

Author, "Title of Article." Title of Article Container, date month year, pages.
Pay attention to the pagination in newspapers, it is different and may contain even letters.
Article in a scholarly journal.
Author, "Title of the Article." Title of the Journal, volume number, issue number, year, pages.



Get help with MLA style

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