Marketing Ideas for Essay Writers

Marketing Ideas for Essay Writers

In today’s world finding a dream job is a great challenge. To keep it and become successful is even a more difficult task. Your decision to become a professional essay writer means that you possess the necessary analytical thinking and great writing skills. However, being a talented writer does not mean having a lot of customers ready to pay for your writing services. If you found a job in a professional writing company, all you need is to produce high-quality essays and get positive feedback from customers. If you chose a career path of a freelance essay writer, then your task is even more complicated. Every freelance essay writer has to know how to market his/her writing services to attract more people.

Networking events

Very few people really like this idea, but one of the best ways to market your services is in-person networking. First of all, your goal is to discover a networking place in your city where you will feel comfortable. Successful networking depends on your personal attitude. If you are relaxed and feel like approaching new people and talk to them, then you can have a lot of fun. Do not forget to give people your business cards, be open-minded, and remember that you came to this networking event not only to make new connections that will bring you a better job but also to meet people who might need your help. Everybody has something to say, and you are not worse than the others.

According to Forbes, it is important to have a plan when you attend a networking event. Since everyone has value, you should know what you can offer these people. Think about your strengths and talents and be ready to talk about them. Do not think that some people are unimportant – this is a big mistake. Paying attention to the titles only is wrong because everybody out there can have valuable connections and give you really good advice.

Social networks

Whereas just a decade ago in-person communication was all people had, today we have more ways to contact each other. Facebook and other social and professional networks such as LinkedIn become a huge platform for starting a new business and marketing services. Do not miss an opportunity to benefit from marketing your essay writing services via Facebook. Every day this social network is becoming more popular and attracts new people and businesses. Create a very interesting and appealing profile and show your presence by posting updates, interesting news, and showcasing your services.

LinkedIn is another fast growing platform where you can meet a lot of useful people and potential clients. LinkedIn provides users with opportunities to look for numerous job positions and lets you see how your colleagues build their career path. You also can find specialists who graduated from your university with the same degree many years ago and see how they applied their major and in which companies they worked. The more information you get, the more options you see.

Personal website

One more way to market your writing services is to create a personal website and start a blog. How do people find such a talented essay writer if you are constantly working from home? On your website you can post information about your experience, your most impressive essays, and positive feedback from your customers. You can start a blog (the content has to be unique and attractive) where you could demonstrate your excellent writing skills. Anything that helps sell your services and draws people’s attention counts. As soon as people find you and realize that you are busy, they will want your services. Make sure that your website is well-structured and well-written in order not to ruin your future customers’ impression.

Do not forget about SEO

What is SEO? SEO stands for “search engine optimization” and aims at helping your website appear on the first page in Google and other search engines. When users are searching for an essay writer in Google, they tend to choose those websites that are ranked the highest. If they are not satisfied with the first one, they will open the second and the third, etc. Therefore, to get your desired customers your website needs to show up on the first page. To achieve this goal one has to do keywords research and incorporate these keywords into a website. To do research you can use various SEO tools. One of them is Google AdWords – a tool that helps you analyze what kind of words and phrases Internet users type into the search button to find an essay writer. This tool gives you an idea of what kind of words you need to use on your website to attract more customers.

There are many other possible ways to market your services. If you know companies where you would be happy to work, you could do cold calling – contacting managers or editors of these companies by phone and asking if they are cooperating with freelance writers. You could also register on websites for freelance writers where people are looking for professional writers and create your profile there too. The more active you are and the more you showcase your services, the bigger is the chance of getting new customers. Look for new people, new places, new social media websites and make your business both successful and entertaining.