Less Stress in Students’ Life Is Possible

Less Stress in Students’ Life Is Possible

Being a student is extremely hard. Not only do they have to attend all classes and submit difficult homework assignments and endless papers on time, but also they need to work, volunteer, and manage to have some personal life. As a result of such schedule, a lot of college students are stressed out and exhausted, which may cause even more serious problems such as insomnia, anxiety and depression, asthma, and even obesity. This is why it is very important to know how to identify stress and what to do to reduce stress levels or even eliminate it to improve mental health. What causes stress? First of all, stress is not always as bad as it may seem. When you are to give a speech in front of public, you are stressed, but this type of stress helps you concentrate and perform better. It may sound surprising, but sometimes stress is rather motivating. Moreover, it gives people more energy and sometimes even boosts their memory. However, when a person is constantly stressed, motivation is the last thing he/she thinks about. There are numerous things that cause stress: exams, work, financial problems, relationship difficulties, constant worry about children, friends, home, business, and many others. These situations that cause stress can be either real or perceived, but human’s body has the same reaction.

So how does one know that one is stressed out? Here are some of the stress symptoms:

Stress cannot go unnoticed. It manifests at 4 levels. Thus, it is important to know the symptoms for effective stress management:
Physical symptoms:

  • Headaches;
  • Insomnia;
  • Stomach pains;
  • Muscle tension or pain

Emotional symptoms:

Behavioral symptoms:

  • Alcohol abuse;
  • Lack of appetite or overeating;
  • Extensive smoking;
  • Lack of motivation;
  • Reluctance to communicate with people

Cognitive symptoms:

  • negative thinking
  • lack of concentration
  • longer time to complete usual tasks
  • pessimism

Certainly, these are universal symptoms and can be signs of other health problems. But if you notice that you or your friend has a number of these symptoms, you should take measures and try to reduce or eliminate stress.

What are the causes of stress

When in college students face numerous stressors, and they can be different for the freshmen and sophomore.  We have made a research and created a list of the most common factors that can cause stress in college students. They can be divided into categories.
  1. Separation from family
  2. Beginning of independent life
  3. Living with people you do not know
  4. Campus life
  5. Academic assignments overload
  6. Exams and grades
  7. Finance and necessity to work
  8. Health issues due to academic overload, lack of sleep, and stress
  9. Private life
  10. Necessity to balance between college, private life, and work
  11. Fear of life after graduation

 How to cope with stress

What are the ways to reduce stress? In fact, techniques that help people become less stressful are quite easy, and the most difficult part is to find time to forget about all other things and focus on your own health.
1. As always, being physically active is the best way to come back to your normal state. Find time to exercise.

2. Experts advise people to meditate: you could go to yoga classes or do it at home. Even a few minutes of meditation a day help you relax and your brain function normally. If you do not like meditation, find any other physical activity that you enjoy. If you like dancing, it is time to find your old dancing shoes and sign up for salsa classes. If jogging makes you feel better, find a beautiful spot where you would like to run and start doing it every day. Maybe, you have always been enjoying riding a bike but now you do not have time for that anymore? You do have time – riding a bike and not reading a new research article should become your priority. School is important, but you can forget about school if you are not healthy. When you move, you feel alive and forget about every single thing that causes stress.

3. When you are stressed out, you are depressed, and depression leads to reluctance to communicate with people. This may be a great challenge, but meeting with friends is important. Laughter is the best cure, and friends always make us laugh at all. Just dial your best friend’s number and invite him/her to go watch a new movie or just have a cup of sweet warm cappuccino – you will be surprised to see how a couple of hours with somebody else makes your stressful life less stressful.

4. Another thing you should care about is your diet. Improve People who eat good healthy food can easier cope with stressful situations. We understand that you do not have much time for cooking when you have a lot of assignments pending, but assignments can wait for a little, and your stomach cannot.

5. Do not forget about a good sleep. Do not sit the whole night before the exam in front of your computer. Your body needs to rest, and if you have problems with sleep, it is a big problem. Then you should find something that makes you fall asleep. What about some nice calm music? Put on your headphones, turn on some good old classic melody, and relax. Enjoy the sounds of music and do not think of anything else – it is always easier to fall asleep this way.

6. When you are extremely busy, there always must be something that calms you down and makes you happy. Find  stress outlet, a source of your energy. Find a good book that will distract you from all other thoughts and live other people’s life even if these people are not real. Watch a good movie. Go to the theater. Forget about daily problems and go shopping to get new shoes, a new dress, or a new device for home or for your car.

7. Quite often life changes cause stress, but sometimes life changes relieve stress. If you feel that daily routine starts making you feel depressed, change something about your lifestyle. Take a day off and go out of town, call friends and have a party, start attending sewing classes – everything counts if it brings you back to life. There are some stressful periods in students’ life when they need to take a lot of exams and write a few papers. But this stress is natural and you should understand that. Take care of yourself and be healthy.

8. Support is important. Spend time with you family and friends, people who can support you, help you cope with your problem, and give advise.

9. Set realistic goals and make a plan. High expectations is among common reasons of stress. Thus, try to set realistic goals for yourself. Also, make a plan of reaching those goals. Step by step approach will help you identify areas for improvement.

10. Avoid tasks overload and manage your time. Manage your time properly and set priorities. Even when you have a lot of assignments to do, always find time for relaxation. As you know, All work and no play make Jack a dull boy.

12. Positive thinking. No matter the situation, maintain positive thinking. Concentrate on positive outcomes of any situation. 

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Unhealthy ways of stress management

When having stress and not knowing how to cope with it as well as not having right people by your side, student turn to unhealthy ways of reducing stress. Such approaches usually do not help at all or even deteriorate the situation. Here is the dangerous ways of reducing stress

  1. substances abuse
  2. gambling and gaming
  3. spending all day round on the Internet and social media
  4. over or undereating
  5. impulsive buying and flinging money around

Becoming a self-employed essay writer means that you have 100% of independence:

  • You can manage your time according to your needs and have a very flexible schedule.
  • You keep all your income, which sounds great. However, getting this income is possible only in case if you have regular clients and constant assignments. You have to be extremely good at writing so that this could help you create the necessary good reputation.
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If a person works for a company, they have a more stable position:

  • The necessity in marketing services and managing project disappears because companies have professionals who sell their services.
  • Employed essay writers do not have to worry about getting their assignments – companies take care of everything.
  • However, you will never get 100% of a fee that a client has paid, so if you are not ready to share income with the company, you should reconsider your choice and priorities.

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