How to write an effective essay

How to write an effective essay
Table of Contents
  1. How to write an effective essay
  2. Picking a topic
  3. Starting an essay
  4. Main body paragraphs
  5. Concluding an essay
  6. To Sum Up

Looking for a genie who can write you an excellent essay? It is hard to provide a definition of excellency. However, when it comes to essay writing there are some criteria that evaluators use to decide what texts stand out most. If you have that in mind, your essay writing process on the piece will become much more effective.

It takes time, preparation, good academic writing skills, and rich vocabulary to create a well-structured and catchy essay. The main purpose of every assignment though is to check a certain skill. So, start with identifying the type of essay you were tasked to write (an expository essay, persuasive essay, etc.). The next step in the guide on how to write an essay is preparation and research. 

Picking a topic

If you already have the type of essay in mind, start thinking about the appropriate topic. For example, you are looking at writing a classification essay. What are the possible topics that fall under the category of classifying? It is vital to pick a catchy, luring title so the reader feels the need to look into the text after seeing it. A possible solution here is “Economical types of vacation”. Since the types are discussed the title falls under the category of classification text, but it also has a catchy for the reader part “economical”. 

Starting an essay

Although the introduction is an opening part of the text, you are not obliged to start writing it first. The initial stage of designing your text is planning the parts and their content. Then, move on to the main body filling, and conclusion. Some teachers recommend writing an introduction when you have already written the whole paper. The reason is that you are aware of its content and will be able to write an enticing intro .  

Only after you finish research, define the thesis statement of your essay the introduction can be created. The reason for that is that you are supposed to write a brief overview of the text in the opening part. If you start with the opening part chances are that by the time you finish, a lot of changes will be introduced. 

Main body paragraphs

The main body contains paragraphs with the main ideas and their arguments. Whether you have the essay that supports one opinion or discusses many, it is obligatory to divide them into well-structured, logically connected paragraphs. The number of paragraphs is not limited, but stick to not more than ten sentences in every paragraph. Keep the structure in mind all the time, and for your convenience create an outline. A sample of the outline looks like this:

  • Introduction (thesis statement)
  • Main body
    • Paragraph 1(idea and argument)
    • Paragraph 2 (idea and argument)
    • Paragraph 3 (summary)
  • Conclusion

Supporting the ideas of the main body does not mean explanations only. Provide the statistical data, facts, cite sources, or refer to the research to prove your point. The goal of the main body is to define, compare, debate, or explore some notions. Hence, provide the background on the topic and your interpretations supported by the facts. 

Mind the formatting of the paper you were required to provide. If the main body of your paper contains references and citations, they should be arranged according to a formatting style (MLA, APA, Chicago, etc.)

Concluding an essay

The summing up of the whole paper is presented in the essay conclusion. Frankly, the evaluators pay very careful attention to the conclusion section. The reason for that is to check the understanding of the topic by the student and the ability to perform the analysis. It is not enough to just rewrite what you heard in your own words. A student needs to provide personal interpretations of the facts, ideas, and opinions. Finally, if you summarize the analyzed material and add a personal point of view, divide them into separate paragraphs. It should be clear that you do not claim ownership of someone else’s ideas since it is considered to be plagiarism. 

To Sum Up

Every student needs to understand that the essay writing skill is inevitable for the academic career and getting a higher education. An essay is like a currency of the academic world, it gets you successful graduation and acceptance to a higher educational establishment. If you do not feel confident about your skills, do not panic. Due to the busy life and immense load students experience during the academic year, the demand in professional assisting teams appeared. Hence, if you are worried about your grade, get a good essay writer to help you.