Avoid These 4 Common Types Mistakes in Your Essays

Avoid These 4 Common Types Mistakes in Your Essays

You might be a genius, but even those students who believe they know everything might suffer from a single silly mistake which may result in a lower grade. Each assigned essay has a significant impact on the student’s GPA, so one has to be really careful and attentive when writing an academic paper. There are a lot of rules to obey. Besides, some of them depend on the type of your school, college, or university.

1. Content

We hope that these simple tips will help you to avoid every mistake. Let’s write your paper together!

  1. Missing essay part
It is crucial that you include every obligatory paragraph in your paper:
  • Introduction (with a clear and precise thesis statement)
  • Body paragraphs
  • Conclusion (repeat thesis statement once again)

Some students often conduct a mistake when they ignore one of the must-have essay parts. Moreover, your readers should understand where each new idea begins.

  1. Lack of strong and debatable thesis statement
Thesis statement is an indispensable part of any essay. It expresses the main idea of the whole paper and the author's viewpoint regarding the discussed issue. The body paragraphs only support and develop this idea. If there is no thesis statement in the paper
  1. Catchy and succinct introduction paragraph
Introduction usually consists of 3 components: hook, background information on the topic, and thesis statement.
The first line of your paper may start with:
  • A joke
  • A quote
  • A wisdom
  • An idiom
  • Shocking statistics
  • Provocative question 

Note: avoid overloading the first paragraph with too many details. It should be clear, specific, and concise. A powerful thesis statement is what you need. Spark the reader's interest in your introduction paragraph.

  1. Lack of facts, evidence, and examples to support your arguments

To cover any topic better, the student has to add a vivid example or few. Avoid copy-pasting too much text. It would not be a mistake to cite a phrase, but inserting entire copied part would result in a lower grade or even worse. Write about your own experience or any life situation that reflects your topic the best. It is especially important to include such kind of example in the personal statement.

  1. Wrong essay type
No matter how good your language and claim are if your have written the wrong essay types. Essays have different structure and components. Thus, make sure to check your assignment not to waste your  time and efforts.
  1. Too many quotes
While providing evidence to support your claims is important, do not exaggerate. Providing several direct quotes in one paragraph is not a good idea, as the readers expect you to provide your claims and thoughts. When you introduce direct quotes, always provide an explanation and how you see the issue.
  1. Complex, illogical, or incomplete essay structure

Another common essay writing mistake is playing with your essay structure. To avoid problems, it is better to keep to the class9cal and accepted structure mentioned above (i.e introduction, at least 3 body paragraphs, and conclusion) and try not to fall off topic. That is why it is better to cover a single idea in a single essay. Write down an outline or table of contents as a draft not to get lost.

  1. Too broad topics or too many ideas
 Make sure that the topic you have chosen can be discussed within the word limit of your essay.  Also, do not try to discuss all and everything in one essay. If the issue is too broad, focus on just one or couple of aspects in your essay, but make it quality.
  1. Repetitive ideas
One idea should be discussed in essay once. Do not repeat the same argument in every paragraph. Each paragraph should discuss different aspect of the topic discussed and resonate with your thesis statement. Make sure you have what to say and claim. If you are run out of ideas, make a research on the topic you write about to find some new facts or aspects
  1. Not balanced paragraphs and lack of topic sentences
All the paragraphs in you essay should be balanced. What it means? Each paragraph should consist of at least 3-4 sentences and include a topic sentence, supporting and controlling ideas, and a concluding sentence.
  1. Lack of time

Well, it’s not actually a mistake. However, it is better to write your essay ASAP. Start writing the paper as soon as you receive the assignment to avoid missed deadline. Running out of time usually results into “F.” That is why you must do everything ahead. If you feel that you cannot avoid this typical mistake, save your time and ask professionals to write your perfect essay online.

  1. Share personal experience

Make sure that you don’t lie about your life stories, skills, and experiences, especially when you write an admission essay. Your personal statement must reflect your personal traits, but it’s a mistake to lie about your knowledge or talk only about yourself. Dedicate some attention to your target college or university as well.

2. Grammar and Punctuation

Grammar and punctuation mistakes are among the most frequent. It is easy to avoid them. The main point is to proofread your paper.
  1. Lack of proofreading

    Always leave yourself some time for proofreading paper and do proofread. It is very disappointing and discouraging when you have written a great essay but failed to receive the A grade due to some typos.  Failure to proofread the paper is often a reason of numerous mistakes.Thus, always double-check your paper before submitting it.

  1. Punctuation mistakes

Punctuation mistakes are some of the most frequent. The most common types of punctuation mistakes are listed below.

  • missing or extra comma in conditional sentences. Remember: put a comma after the main clause, but do not put a comma after if-clause that precedes the main clause.
  • Oxford comma or serial comma. Do not miss a comma before conjunction and  when you list three or more homogeneous components. 
  • Quotation marks. When you introduce a direct quote in your essay, make sure to add quotation marks both at the beginning and end of the quote.
  • missing or extra comma of semicolon between parts of complex and compound sentences. Always double check the rules to see whether you have used the correct punctuation marks in your essay.
  • misuse of apostrophe. It can be referred to the typos group because this mistakes often appears due to autocorrection. The most common example is the use of contraction it's=it is instead of its= possessive case for it.
  1. Subject-predicate disagreement

    Subject-predicate disagreement is one of the common mistakes among students. Subject and predicate should always agree in number and form. Thus, check this point when proofreading your essay.

  2. Wrong prepositions

    Prepositions is a tricky part of English language. Different prepositions are used with the same word in different context. If you have any doubts, it's better to check which preposition fits the best in your case to avoid making mistakes.

  1. Wrong verb form

    Irregular verbs, modal verbs, auxiliary verbs they all have different forms that depend on many factors, such as tense used, context, implied meaning etc. Thus, another point to double-check when writing an essay is correct verb form.

  1. Use recent sources

    Each article you choose must be no more than 5 years old. Besides, it must be relevant to your topic and found in a credible source.

3. Vocabulary, Style, and Format

Correct language use is important in expressing your ideas. If you are not good with synonyms and epithets, you can use thesaurus and online services that offer you synonyms, antonyms, and collocations. If you are not good at formatting, check some guides. Purdue OWL is one of the most frequently used.
  1. Too long and confusing sentences. Wordiness.

    Do not write long and confusing sentences as they may lead to grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes. Wordiness is a top student’s mistake. A paper should not be overloaded with complex phrases or huge paragraphs. In fact, it should be no more than 500-600 words (except for the cases when your teacher asks for more!). Long sentences that take up to three rows is not a good thing for an academic essay. It turns difficult for the readers to understand the idea you implied in them. Express your ideas clearly and make your sentences clear, specific, and concise.

  1. Always explain what you mean

    Avoid using complicated terms or phrases that you are not aware of. If you have the smallest doubt which word to write, turn to your dictionary. This way you will avoid conducting a silly mistake and enrich your English vocabulary.

  1. Try to avoid informal or too formal language

    Write an essay in classical British (UK) English. Avoid slang or jargon words. It is important that you speak the same academic language with your teacher.
    However, using high-flown vocabulary, the meaning of which you do not understand is not a good idea either.

  1. Overuse of passive voice
        Too many sentences with passive grammatical structures is considered a mistake in academic papers. Try to avoid passive voice and use active voice instead.
  1. Wrong formatting

    Check the instructions attentively. Formats are diverse and require different information to be presented. For example, APA presupposed author-year in-text citations, MLA requires author-page number in-text citations, while Chicago formatting style presupposes footnotes.


Plagiarism is a serious issue that should be avoided in academic papers. Most educational institutions discourage plagiarism, and it is usually severely punished.

When you use information from any source, you should properly cite it. This will help you avoid plagiarism. However, do not overuse direct quotes. When you add some, make sure to provide your comment or explanation.

After reading these tips, you now know which mistakes you should better avoid if you want your essay to win any competition. Still, if you want some experts to write a custom essay as a perfect example, place an order with the fast and furious online writing service.