Writing a Critical Précis Can Be Easy

Writing a Critical Précis Can Be Easy

It is commonly known that students hate writing essays. This assignment requires research and analytical thinking as well as a good command of a language. Yet, there is a more complicated writing task – a critical précis.

What’s a précis? A précis is a miniature version of an article, an essay, a paper, or any other kind of original text which retains the author’s ideas and the overall writing’s tone and mood. Whereas in an essay one can express one’s opinion in any desired form, good précis must exclude unnecessary details and descriptions and be quite precise.

Here Are Some Helpful Tips for Writing a Nice Précis

Techniques Which Help Write More Precisely

There are lots of great books and passages that you may be asked to write a précis of. It is always complicated to compress great authors’ ideas because it seems that all of them are important and none can be put aside. But they can. To make your writing process easier, structure you writing according to the tips above. Précis writing can be better than you imagine. Enjoy!