Start Building Your Career Now: List of 10 Entry Level Jobs for College Graduates

Start Building Your Career Now: List of 10 Entry Level Jobs for College Graduates
Table of Contents
  1. Start Building Your Career Now: List of 10 Entry Level Jobs for College Graduates
  2. 1.  Software Engineer
  3. 2. Account Manager
  4. 3. Customer Service or Support Rep
  5. 4. Business Analyst
  6. 5. Assistant
  7. 6. Recruiter
  8. 7. Consultant
  9. 8. Banking Analyst
  10. 9. Graphic Designer
  11. 10. Staff Accountant
  12. How to find an entry-level job after college
  13. What should a recent college graduate do?
  14. How to get a job after college without experience
  15. Bottom Line

Most students want to start working just after graduation. It is a perfect time to launch your career. There are not so much entry level jobs for college graduates that can lead you to growth in the future. Mostly, you need to start at least with something and then get the place you really want to. Of course, some companies try to catch the most talented students before they even graduate. But in this article we will talk about simpler jobs.

It is a great stress all young people are experiencing. They start working after years and years of studying at college, repeatedly making efferts to find a job. There are still few jobs that do not require tons of experience and can be a perfect starting point after college. In this article our academic writing experts gathered ten of the most interesting points you should look up to.

1.  Software Engineer

There are lots of ways you can develop as a software engineer. It is not just sitting hours and hours before the screen as some administrative positions require. It is also about working with people learning how to communicate in a working community. You will have to communicate with designers, customers, and developers dealing with the full circle and giving your feedback. You should know some basic programming language or even few. This is just a beginning so do not waste your chance.

2. Account Manager

There is one great accurate and simple description of an account manager job. Some people call it a relationship quarterback and they are totally right.There is a special role for this job and a young person such as a graduate can deal with it. A great entry level job anybody with perfect communicative skills can deal with after college. If you were great in writing at college, thisd is your chance. Your duties may vary depending on the company you are working for. You can work at the office or even visit your potential customers at their place. Anyway, it is a great opportunity to improve your communication skills.

3. Customer Service or Support Rep

As you know people are not always polite and not smart enough. This is the points that make this job an awful suggestion. But the experience and strength you are going to get while dealing with various types of people and solving their problems are priceless. There are dozens or options in this profession and lots of its modifications. But the key factor of communication and conflict management will be a helpful point in your resume to the future career growth.

arms of people sitting against the background with different words

4. Business Analyst

It may sound too complicated to a young college graduate but this job is really available for people with proper education and no experience. There lots of variations of this position depending on the business field and company you are applying to. It is a popular job in IT and consulting. Still, a proper education is not enough. You should have strong analytical skills and great desire to improve yourself on this position.

5. Assistant

Another job with wide space of variations. Different fields require different type of assistance. The level of salary and set of skills also may vary. But usually the applicant is not supposed to have some certain experience to apply. You may be just a blank page to fill in with a proper knowledge and skills. But you should be ready to work hard and learn fast even working with a terrible schedule and low salary. Remember, this is just an entry level and nobody told it is going to be easy.

6. Recruiter

Once again a job that requires well-developed communication skills and analytical thinking. You may find this position opened in some recruiting company. You need to learn how build relationships with other people. The entire success of your career will depend on this one point. Another important thing is the selection. It may be a hard task to find the right person and even harder to pick one from a dozen of other candidates.

7. Consultant

A very broad description could be applied to this job. You can count on a place in some shop consulting people regarding various products. Of course, you can count on a whole bunch of other variations of this profession. The main skill you need to have well-developed is the communication. Your education also will help you in getting the position in some certain field. As an example, if you are a technician, you can count on a position in a technical area.

8. Banking Analyst

Usually young after college specialists are working with investments. It is a perfect point to start from if you are a young finance specialist. If you have a degree in economics, such a position is a real treasure. There are different types of companies and funds that may need your knowledge. Of course, analytical skill is also important.

a young man holding an iPad with statistics on the background

9. Graphic Designer

So, you can draw, are good at design, and even have a proper education? Well, welcome on board of graphic design. There is a big competition in this field and at the same time there are lots of job offers. So the possibility of becoming a young graphic design specialist is really high. The variation of companies offering designer position  is also very wide.

10. Staff Accountant

Accounting may seem to be not the most interesting profession, as it is an executive position, but it is a perfect starting point. If you know how to count money, you can count on some position with no doubt. Accountant is one of those great entry level jobs for college graduates with degree in finance, management or business science. It is a perfect start and a wide field of possibilities to use in your your career growth, no matter you are Native American or an international student.

What jobs can I get right out of college 

No matter you are just headed to college, working on your degree, or already have the desired degree, the list of the most popular entry-level jobs with their earnings and benefits will help you choose the best position for you. Most of the college students do not even suspect that there is such a bargain between the average wages with and without graduation. To know how a college degree pays, you should make all the possible attempts to finish your college successfully. All you need to know beforehand is that workers with a college education earn twice more compared to high school grads. However, a college education is not just about earning more; it is also a wider opportunity to work in the field you are interested in. To look ahead and understand what would be the best-earning potential after college graduation, satisfaction rates of the leading entry-level jobs along with the average wages for fresh workers would help you make the proper decision regarding your education. 




Secondary school teachers

$71, 100

Workers who like their current job 

Average marks of happiness


Service managers


Top marks of happiness


Marketing specialists


Job payment satisfaction 



Management analysts




Elementary school teachers


Management satisfaction

Need better explanation


Auditors, accountants


Bad manager


Project managers


Need extra managerial training


Software developers


Psychological job space satisfaction





Signs of job burnout


Operations manager


High stress level



How to find an entry-level job after college 

A majority of college graduates finish studying with a degree in hands and strong enthusiasm for building brilliant careers. Yet, some of them may face some problems starting to look for employment as it is not that easy as it seems while studying in college. If you are among those whose job search goes not the way as planned, there are useful hints for different situations when the job hunt stalls. Among the following tips, you will be able to find out how to deal with troubles in landing a job after graduation:

  1. GET A CERTIFICATE. Taking extra classes and getting certificates on such popular web platforms as Coursera, edX, etc., helps grads fill in their knowledge gaps after graduation. 
  2. FILL IN YOUR LINKEDIN PROFILE. Many recruiters prefer using LinkedIn to search for new candidates. 
  3. DO AN INTERNSHIP. An internship is an excellent chance for job seekers to get additional experience.
  4. VOLUNTEERING.  Spending time volunteering, you can meet many new people and gains useful knowledge.
  5. NETWORK. Sometimes, it is easier to inquire about new career opportunities with the help of family members, professors, neighbors, or former teammates. 
  6. MARKET RESEARCH. Try to study everything that the employers expect from the candidate for the particular position.  The easiest way to find such information is to have a closer look at job descriptions.
  7. PERSONAL WEBSITE. Today, it is one of the most effective ways to share class projects and write a blog about personal experiences and issues related to the desired field of work.

What should a recent college graduate do? 

To find the desired job and do not lose motivation, every job seeker should understand that job search is not that quick process and it requires some time. Moreover, when you do not have any job experience, it is much harder to interest the employer. However, there are many useful tips for job seekers who want to succeed professionally:

  • Join several job search groups
  • Find a mentor
  • Study classes
  • Try volunteering
  • Keep yourself away from negative media news
  • Practice a healthy lifestyle
  • Stay in hand with job tendencies
  • Plan your time and daily tasks 

How to get a job after college without experience 

With the growth of technology, modern students can easily find their first job online, no matter they seek entry-level jobs for college graduates with a bachelor’s degree, entry-level healthcare jobs for college graduates, or entry-level jobs for college graduates with no experience. All you need to do is to use popular college graduate programs through a Pathways program that offers three paths of federal internship along with further employment opportunities for students who are still studying, graduates, and graduates with an advanced degree. The Pathways program covers such programs for personal development as:

  • Internship
  • Recent graduates
  • Presidential management fellows. 

If you are not interested in extra studying programs, you may use job search websites. Among the most effective sites with growing popularity among grads there are and The aforementioned services are beneficial marketing tools both for human resources managers and for job students who are looking for a part-time or full-time job. Here, you can find companies doing their business in diverse industries, many different requested positions, and even some articles with job search advice. Most of the recruiters posting their vacancies mention in job descriptions that experience is not required; students or graduates can be signed to work on the particular position. Also, these websites provide basic useful data about the company, its contacts, and financial data about average salaries within the particular industry. 

Bottom Line

So, here it is the list of the most interesting and realistic offers yesterday students may use. No need to worry, there is a place for you somewhere with no doubt but it is always better to start as soon as possible. By the way, you can always try yourself as a professional essay writer. Our experts can help you out with your academic tasks while you are looking for your perfect job.