Assignment Writing: How Many Pages to Write Each Week

Assignment Writing: How Many Pages to Write Each Week
Table of Contents
  1. Assignment Writing: How Many Pages to Write Each Week
  2. Academic Assignment Writing: 10 Golden Rules
  3. Write the Draft: What to Include?
  4. Where to Find Information to Include in References?
  5. When you Need to Write an Essay
  6. Writing Assignments: The Role of Examples
  7. The Last Word
Students who write 4-5 pages per week for English Language & Literature classes homework score higher than students who write fewer pages.

The Nation's Report Card has concluded it after conducting a survey in 2015. The statistics prove that assignment writing is the most effective learning tool in the US high schools & colleges. The students should spend 30 minutes per day on their writing assignments to get ready with 5 pages in a week.

Not all teachers understand how much writing homework or essay writing is enough. They often assign more essays & research papers an average student can handle in a week. If you’re one of the poor fellows who suffer from the overloaded homework assignment schedule and don't even understand its purposes, find help in the face of the academic writers & editors with the rich experience in different fields.

Academic Assignment Writing: 10 Golden Rules

Ready to write an assignment? Writer, please follow the steps and stick to these 11 rules:

  1. Read the prompt/main question 2-3 times to detect any unfamiliar word or key phrase. Rewrite the prompt using your words. Try to ask questions before the homework completion/exam – the teacher will respond to the relevant questions before the test, not during it.
  2. Read the instructions, trying to divide different questions or requirements into the separate sections to make it easier to answer in a step-by-step manner.
  3. Go through the evaluation criteria (grading rubric). The criteria help writers to understand what the instructors want to see at the end to reward them with the highest essay score.
  4. Make research on the assignment. Although you might seem to be well versed in the topics, it is a good idea to make a research. You can find some new details or facts. Make sure to take notes.
  5. Draft the outline. Some students consider it to be a useless task. But try to cover all the main ideas in a short summary.
  6. Get academic assistance. If you do not know how to work on the assignment or are short of time, try using online writing service and hire experts. Professional writers will offer you help with working on any academic assignment. Mind: when you visit such services, check other students' reviews to choose the reliable one.
  7. Every process of the assignment writing requires preparing a draft. In the draft, the writer highlights the structure, main questions to discuss, arguments to include, and takes notes on the given subject. The writers include the headings plus bullet point lists even if the instructions do not allow the writer to do it. The writers imagine retelling a life story to friends or other writers to follow the logical order.
  8. Proofread and edit. After you have done all that hard work, don't forget to proofread your assignment content and grammar to avoid the situation when you have made some ridiculous mistakes in your written work or missed some important details. Revision saves.You can use some special applications or online grammar checkers Typos reduce grade.
  9. Check the assignment for plagiairsm. Before submitting your assignment, check it for plagiairsm. As you might be caught up by such a type as unintentional plagiairsm and will have to correct your assignment or add in-text citations. Mind: plagiarism is a serious issue that should be avoided in academic assignments.
  10. Submit the draft once you write it. Each good writer lets the tutor check the draft and make proper corrections/include recommendations before sending it to print or releasing on the Internet. A student-writer must submit the draft before the final paper. The teacher writes comments to give the writer a chance to fix the weak parts until the deadline passes. The feedback from teachers/publishers is the reason why the writers should start writing their drafts 3 or more weeks before the deadline. The draft must be around %15-20 of the entire assignment. It is 2-3 pages depending on the number of pages. The writer can either submit the draft with the headings & keywords or include the short summaries of each paragraph.

Write the Draft: What to Include?

The absence of outline and the lack of essay’s draft makes the process of writing high school/college assignments difficult & time-consuming. What should the writer keep in mind about the drafting process?

Write the initial drafts: Review the initial paper’s version to understand if you have chosen the topics of your competence. If there is enough information available on the Internet. Decide whether the structure and line of thought make sense.

Write the middle papers: Expand/refine the ideas. The writer may discover he is writing an assignment, which is going to change the main ideas and directions because of the newly obtained information. Example: the writer talks about the current presidential elections. Suddenly, one of the candidates announces he is leaving the race due to some personal problems or changed plans. Such situations have a significant impact on the further scenario. The writer should be ready to change some parts of his work, fix the outline, end up the story, or switch from the argumentative papers to the creative writing assignments.

Write the final draft: The writer should focus on the way he will introduce the topic. It involves planning the presentations, preparing a public speech, fixing grammar/spelling/punctuation, checking the word choice, and organizing references.

A writer should review a detailed structure of the five-paragraph essay. It will help to divide the work on your paper’s draft into several stages and separate days respectively. Do not write everything in one day! Remember:

“One day I will find the right words, and they will be simple.”
― Jack Kerouac, The Dharma Bums

Where to Find Information to Include in References?

Every section of the writing assignment must have a claim. The writer has to support each main argument with the corresponding evidence. To collect valuable evidence on the topic of interest, the writer researches the recent primary & secondary sources like:

  • Textbooks
  • Journals
  • Magazines
  • Scholar articles
  • Newspapers
  • Study materials
  • Documentaries
  • Movies
  • Official websites

Every writer must be ready to spend several hours in the library. No matter how great the writer’s knowledge of the chosen topic is, without credible sources, his writing assignments are worth nothing.

The simplest way is to use the Internet to provide the writing assignments with required evidence. Module resources are one more source where the writer can get information. Teachers provide extra credits to the writer’s works that use secondary sources such as interviews, polls, questionnaires, etc. It may be hard and time-consuming to involve secondary resources in the assignment writing. Large-scale assignments like dissertations benefit from broad research. Young writers must keep in mind that research papers may win from reporting information retrieved from both primary & secondary sources.

Once the writer decides how many sources and what types of sources to use in the assignment writing, it is time to handle the formatting issues. The most popular academic writing paper formats are MLA and APA. When it comes to more serious scientific projects, apply Vancouver, Chicago, or Harvard. Why in the world should the writer reference the works of others? The writers can read about the correlation between plagiarism and referencing in the following article to understand it.

With the properly inserted in-text quotations, it is possible to write a credible evidence necessary to support each of the writer’s claims. A student should also include a couple of points explaining the restrictions. Each piece of evidence might be limited to certain conditions. It is a good idea to write how the chosen evidence might relate to the country or specific region the writer is living in.

When you Need to Write an Essay

Sometimes your written assignment is not a lab report, pesentation, or research paper. It can be an essay either critical, expository, informative or any other type. If you need to complete a good essay to receive a high great, you need to learn at least the classical structure of an essay:
1. Introduction

  • hook
  • general information on the topics
  • thesis statement
2. Main Body
It should include at least 3 paragraphs each with the following components:
  • topic sentence
  • supporting and controlling ideas
  • concluding sentence
3. Conclusion
  • restated thesis statement
  • summary of the main ideas
  • sentence that summarizes the whole paper.

Writing Assignments: The Role of Examples

Each body paragraph must contain the elements described in the previous section. Write what required elements on a separate piece of paper to keep in mind.

Writing assignment is a complex process unless the writer has a vivid example of the essay/research paper on the chosen topic. Analyze the example below (it is not one of the creative writing assignments). View more free samples of essays, research papers, case studies, coursework projects, book reports, movie reports, dissertations at this website.

Context. Current maternity care involves the use of different perinatal interventions that are frequently overused. At the same time, care practices that promote physiologic birth are often underused. It is important to understand the potential benefits of such practices to promote physiologic birth efficiently. One of the potential health benefits for the maternal/fetal dyad resulting from physiologic birth case practices is a decreased “peripartum morbidity through avoidance of surgery and related complications” (Goer, Romano, & Sakala, 2012, p. 17). Numerous studies proved the important role of infant feeding in the further life of the newborn baby.

Main points. Impact on the labor and birth care in the healthcare setting, multidisciplinary collaboration, hospital stay, promoting physiologic birth care, the role of nurses, infrastructure supportive.

Final comments. Multidisciplinary collaboration is important when promoting physiologic birth care. Such collaboration results in shorter hospital stay, lower risk of cesarean delivery; higher rates of breastfeeding.

The writer’s reference list may look this way:

Goer H, Romano A, & Sakala C. (2012). Vaginal or cesarean birth: What is at stake for women

and babies? The best evidence review. New York: Childbirth Connection, 4-48.

We have applied APA referencing style to write down the reference on Bibliography page.

The Last Word

“I love deadlines. I love the whooshing noise they make as they go by.”
― Douglas Adams, The Salmon of Doubt

People who love writing assignments with the specified deadlines exist. They are among the world’s best-known writers. Isn’t it a good reason to follow their example? If you fear to fail meeting the writing deadlines, the best solution to your problem is to order academic, business, technical, or creative writing assignments from the online company trusted by the students & young writers around the world!