APA Style Format From A to Z

APA Style Format From A to Z

One paper during the course or the semester with APA style paper format is a minimum every student should deal with. These days APA style format is one of the most useful and most of your papers will require this particular format. It is the style also used for official publications. It is a great advantage and a must to learn how to deal with the latest APA formatting guide 6th edition.

What is APA Style Format

Let’s start with a brief definition. What is APA style format? Who uses APA style format? The abbreviation APA is for American psychological association and tells the main purpose this format was created for. The main purpose of APA style format is to cite sources in social sciences. There is already its 6th edition.

Basics of APA Style Format

Here are few basic features of APA style paper format:

  • One-inch margins at all four sides of your paper.
  • Each paper in APA style format should be double-spaced.
  • There should be a running head at the top left corner of each page of your paper reflecting a brief version of the paper’s title. Not more than fifty characters are allowed for a running head.
  • Each page should have a page number at the top right corner the paper.
  • The title page is very important for APA style format, and it should include the title of your paper, author’s name, and school title. Tutor’s name, date, and title of the course go per teacher’s request.
  • The second part that identifies APA style paper format is the reference list which is a list of all sources you have used in your article. Traditionally it can be found at the very end of the paper. Create a double-spaced list with all sources used as citations organized alphabetically by the name of the source’s author.

APA Format Guide

Typical APA format guide considers four main components:

  • Title Page
  • Abstract
  • Main Body
  • References

Title Page

Each component of APA style paper format has their subcomponents. There are five main components in Title Page:

  • Title
  • Header
  • The name of the author
  • Some notes from the author.

A student should be clear that it is prohibited to use abbreviations without a clear purpose. The font on this page should be Times New Roman of 12th size with the main title in the middle of the page. Avoid using any special highlighting methods like bold or underlined title.

The title of your paper should consist of 12 words max with double-spaced content in any other part of the paper.


This type of paper does not provide any special requirements for outline format APA style. But there is an APA style formatting abstract. The word “Abstract” should be titled at the middle top side of the page with a brief description of your research, its purpose, goals, and achievements. The entire abstract should contain no more than 250 words.

The Body

It is not a simple five paragraph essay. The biggest part of your paper is the body, and APA format guide provides some certain requirements regarding this one:

  • This part should start with a brief introduction to the topic presenting its main purpose and goal.
  • Next part of the body explains the topic and describes your research with all the necessary details.
  • To describe your research more, you should create the method. This part is just to describe the process of researching and its results.
  • To describe results of your research, there is a proper section provided. Next part is a discussion which ends with a summary regarding the entire research.


This format provides one of the clearest requirements regarding its references list. To create a proper reference list using this guideline one needs to:

  • Each new section should be started with a shortened title as a running head.
  • All references should be bolded and located in the middle of the page.
  • Organize all references in alphabetical order regarding authors’ last names.
  • All citations even the less important should be listed in the reference list.

APA Style Format Example of Citation

The main difference between two most popular formats APA and MLA guides is the organization of citations. APA style citation format is very clear about in-text citations. As we mentioned before all citations and their sources should be listed in the reference list on a special page. The citation American psychological association starts with the name of the author and continues with a year of publication, and source title. Here is a simple APA style format example of citation:

Bach, S. (2010). My Passion and Love for Comics Art.

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